September 1988

A month starting wet and windy but improving later but it was mixed in Blackpool, with gales and rain, yet we still enjoyed the family holiday.

The family mostly well and settling into the new school and play-school year. Daniel, Debbie and Della were all fine, apart from Daniel and his Sinus problem, and my mother was recovering from her shingle attack. Social activities included a riverside BBQ with neighbours, Catherine’s Greek-style birthday and the Kimbolton ‘Statty’ Fayre as family outings now that our swimming pool was closed for the winter.

My contribution to public affairs grew with attendance at all three Parish Councils Meetings in my Ward, actions following, and with my contributions to all of the key committees of HDC; progressing dog fouling controls, grass cutting, planning controls and elector grievances. Also working with my Cambridge Liberal colleagues regarding FOCUS leaflet printing by use of Apple Macintosh’s and with local SLD colleagues for distribution.

I little time my Local History project; working with the St Neots Museum and LHS committees and organising slide shows and talks; the first being for the Little Paxton Friendship Club.

Back home, the foundations for the new conservatory pond created and construction work starts soon, and I top dress the games lawn and tend to The Lady and her moorings prior to the winter floods.

Public Service cuts were upsetting workers unions, with Nurses and Postal Workers in the front line but the TUC also falls out with and expels, the EETPU. The Gibraltar IRA inquest confirms the army killings were ‘unlawful’, Thatcher was visiting Spain and alienating European colleagues as back home the UK RPI is up by 5.7% and the UK balance of trade deficit falls to ‘only’ £1.31 billion. Another North Sea rig fire and a chemical waste ship incident leads to more death and disaster. Expulsions of Czech and Cuban diplomats follow shooting incidents in London, another air display crash kills two more pilots and the Olympics is marred by drug taking revelations.

Massive flooding in Bangladesh kills over 500 with 20million made homeless and Hurricane Gilbert, at Force 5, is the worst Caribbean storm in history. Israel and the US hone their space skills. The USSR withdraws from Afghanistan and troubles in Burma kill 66 after a military coup is resisted and Japan’s Emperor Hirohito is gravely ill after 62 years in power

With all this digging activity in the autumn sunshine, the month of September comes to an end. The weather has been a mixture with heavy rain, squalls the gale force winds and then drizzly and damp days early on; but has been dry and pleasant of late with the season’s first frost was last night. The family are all mostly well and the children settled at school.