November 1987

I was not alone in adopting a gloomy view of the economic prospects as there is wordwide Stock Exchange turmoil as the wintry weather arrives, here but I am working hard on my history project, catching up on phone messages, national and local news and progressing my projects after our Disneyland holiday. The family are mostly well and we managed outings for the Fireworks , November fair, and St James Church services amongst others as I completed my investment summaries, statements and children’s trust account schedules. The Kings Cross Underground fire, and the ‘Poppy day massacre’ in Inneskillen are the two lead stories but the latter is just part of the Irish troubles. Bad news as Thatcher ends free eye and dental tests, plans a Poll Tax for 1990, privatises schools and cancels UK involvement in Euro space efforts. US President Regan struggles with Supreme Court nominees, is censored over Irangate for illegal and unconstitutional behaviour but the arms deal with Russia seems to be on. The Gulf oil attacks continue as does persecution of the Tamils in Sri Lanka                         

Our start to the month was in the warmth of Disneyland, Californian but by the end of November we had the rains and winds, and we can now say that the end of autumn has come and winter has started. It became sharply colder towards the end, and at least a little dryer so the ground is getting a chance to dry out. Still no chance to lay our lawn turf yet and The Lady is a bit of a worry as there is no guarantee that, if I take it to Buckden, that they will be able to start work on it quickly. My family are coping reasonably well with the normal snuffles at the onset of winter. It is a pity that Debbie is only eating a little rather than a lot of food but not that trouble with Daniel, whose appetite matches his 6ft 3in stature these days. Both Di and I are several pounds overweight but I am tied to my desk and seem to get little time or opportunity for exercise. My Dad is more comfortable, having lost over a stone, and we hope his impending hospital appointment will identify the nature of the ‘lump’ in his bladder. A depressing time of year, now that Guy Fawkes night gone and Christmas some way off and there is not much economic news to cheer the soul either and either things will stay at the current depressed level or plunge still further into a great depression. During a recent evening visit from Nigel, we reviewed property and other investments and agreed a jointly gloomy view of the economy. This month I was working hard on my Little Paxton history project, making appointments and transcribing tapes