September 1984

Fine and enjoyable month enjoying my boat and family outings whilst accelerating the BMMG campaigns to counter US and Japanese standards threats as the coal disputes drag on and gather momentum and Price Harry is borne to Charles, Prince of Wales and lady Diana


A month to enjoy my new life, which remained quite busy but far less stressful; combining family and personal time with the new but semi-detached responsibilities that I had assumed as the Director-General of the British Microcomputer Manufacturers Group, that I had previously founded as a member.  Now having to write its annual report and their submission to the Minister, as Geoffrey Pattie replaces Kenneth Baker in that role. It took me The London Press Club for the NCC’s advisory committee and then to the office and the riverside home of Rob Wimott, MD of the firm I started out with and was sponsored by for Brighton University. Next to NEDO (National Economic Development Office) meetings in Westminster. Everywhere I go, I stiffen the resolve of these institutions and counter their defeatism for the anti IBM/BT campaign. I continue to get new invitations and join the ExportIT Council. I am invited to address the ECIF Council and NEDO and am welcomed by the top brass at OFTEL who are sympathetic to my case for rejecting the IBM/BT deal as being anti-competitive. This,  all before attending strategic DTI meetings about networking standards.  The press interviews flow one after another as it becomes a normal daily event but this is something that does not worry me;