Friday 31st March 1989

Diana took Daniel and Della to Bedford the clothes shopping on another fine and warm day as I stayed at home to work on election materials and other paperwork and received a trailer full of election poster boards for our campaign. I let Daniel drive with me to Cambridge and back this afternoon as we collected printed leaflets and then this evening, I made up the canvas kits for the start of canvassing tomorrow just 10 minutes of time for tax planning with my accountant and local stockbroker today

A fine warm day which gave a false impression that spring was here. Diana took Daniel and Della to Bedford to get the boy some clothes including shirt-trousers and T-shirts. I stayed at home to work on the election materials and also cleared a few other items out of the way from a paperwork point of view. Later this morning, Robin Martlew came by with a trailer and full load of poster boards for our election campaign. It seems that the lack of Democrat candidates means that we have been given about two thirds of the stock for the area which will be plenty without the extra ones we are planning to make. After lunch, I took Daniel with me to Cambridge where had to buy some computer materials and collect the latest lot of printing from the Democrat printers at Glisson Road. I let Daniel drive there and back. I gave him a hard time going; over his steering and control around roundabouts and, though he did not like it at the time, he drove back much better as a result.

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Thursday 30th March 1989

Debbie’s Pony Club debut - On a very nice and sunny day, after more riding school training with Debbie and Sundance, a quick lunch with Diana and family at the happy eater but then late back to load Sundance into Fiona’s trailer for Debbie’s first pony club outing, which was a success apart from his difficulty in boxing at the end. A good Parish Council meeting this evening, very supportive of Michael Pope’s re-election campaign.

After the late night I slept well and had a lay in. I had decided to return to the riding school with Debbie to continue the trailer training and this we did – transferring his compliance to Fiona’s trailer after a series of moves. Off to a quick lunch which Diana insisted had to be at the Happy Eater. This made me a bit late to return with Debbie to the stables for the pony club preparation. Sundance loading into Fiona’s trailer without any problem and we drove off to the event. Unfortunately, Debbie had forgotten to bring her hat and whip which led to a last-minute panic at the other end. Luckily we managed to borrow a hat and Debbie was able to enjoy her ride as the most accomplished of the second -most-novice group.

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Wednesday 29th March 1989

A warm and enjoyable day discussing my plans for standing orders with the District Council, meeting a new delivery volunteer and touching base with Michael Pope and Percy Meyer about election campaigning. After a chat with Rolly Smith, borrowing his horse trailer for lessons to teach Sundance to enter and leave. An evening communicating with election volunteers and helpers

Today was quite warm and enjoyable and I thought spring was coming as I took part in an interesting variety of activities. First, I dressed in sports jacket and trousers and drove off to the District Council to discuss my proposed changes in standing orders with the District Administrator. He accepted much of what I proposed and agreed to put more to the Policy Committee Meeting coming up shortly. Whilst out, I also dropped in on a new helper for our newsletter delivery Mrs Strutmetter of Park Avenue, who completed the delivery later in the day. I met Michael Pope at Pathfinder house who was handing in our election nomination forms and they were still the first they had received. On the way back, I dropped in at the riding school and chatted to Rolly Smith

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Tuesday 28th March 1989

A busy day taking Debbie to the stables, giving Daniel a driving lesson and receiving a visit from my dad who came with me to see Sundance and the Koi carp in Sandy. Working later on election artwork, flag board placement and continuing to train Sundance on entering the horse box. British Aerospace win Airbus orders with Rolls-Royce engines and the final remains of Piper Alpha are blown up as the worst violence in 40 years strikes the Lebanese war-torn nation.

The day was showery with colder air arriving later.  I had a fair night sleep and was then up to breakfast for a round of French toast and glass of apple juice. I then took Debbie (and her friend) to the stables and gave Daniel a longish driving lesson on the way back. In fact, we went via Alconbury and got Sundance some travel stockings and a long ‘lunging rain’ for helping him into and out of the horse box. Later my Dad arrived, after his visit to Addenbrooke’s Hospital. He came with me to pick Debbie up from the riding school and saw Sundance for the first time. After lunch, I took him to Sandy, and we looked at the Koi carp together as he was impressed by the quantity and variety but thought I would be better off with small ones of good form.

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