Friday 29th January 1993

A milder and drier day to walk and train Sam and then the task of packing up ready to leave for Paxton as Arthur Edmund's man had started work on building up Doris Vincent's garden, which had been nine inches under.

Then home to Paxton and a long walk for Sam across Mill Meadow. A worrying development with Della still plucking out her eyelashes and eyebrows because of some sort of neurosis. To the cinema with Di and then tired to bed after the driving and unloading.

Up early and first awake even earlier as some old lady telephoned my mobile telephone by mistake at 1.00am in the morning! Sam was whining again before breakfast, but I settled him down by telling him off and went out to him at the normal time. I took him across and up the road by the marina opposite and, for the first time, he was under control as we walked along that track and did not break any boundary unless I approved.

Then the task of packing up ready to leave for Paxton. Arthur Edmund's man had started work on building up Doris Vincent's garden by skimming off the gravel by shovel and wheelbarrow ready to pile wood shavings and bark pieces on the top. During the recent higher water, she had been up to nine inches under around the whole garden.

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Thursday 28th January 1993

Approaching this mild but wet day steadily, recovering from my infection, but still training Sam. More alarm installation work in Harnser and plans to appeal against Harnser’s restrictive planning constraints.

To bed earlier to be rested for my journey home the next day. Israel is fretting at the prospect of United Nations condemnation and sanctions and still all hell breaks loose in former Yugoslavia as fighting breaks out again all over the place.

John Major is taking on three newspapers with a libel suite concerning false rumours of him having an affair with the head of a catering firm.

I was walking wounded today, still feeling a bit week and under the weather and taking care to wrap up well when going out to tend the dog. I took Sam into Horning to get some milk first and was pleased that the men laying the new sewer were there in large numbers. This gave me a chance to expose Sam to plenty of human distractions, which he needed. He was quite obedient today and not so much trouble, but he has started whining between meal times and has to be silenced occasionally. Perhaps it was leaving him for so long on Wednesday or his first moult or he could be hungry as I had to reduce his meals again. On the other hand, he is getting really keen on getting groomed when wet and likes the brush and will sit quietly while I tend each paw in turn.

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Wednesday 27th January 1993

Diana and Daniel visited on a trying day that started well with some shopping in Norwich, but Sam was then misbehaving jumping up and nipping people and I ended up with a urinary infection. An evening catching up with administration.

Although it was a day to appreciate and look forward to, I found it something of a trial as several matters were quite taxing and I ended up with a urinary infection. The day started well enough as my "Teasmade" gave me a dynamic start and breakfast in bed. Sam was very good in his morning run as I practised plenty of "long drops" and "stays" which he obeyed well. Then I prepared for my trip into Norwich and took all the things that I would need. I was parked in the car park near the library by 9.45am, noting that I had three hours before the "penal" parking rates came into effect and this gave me time to go to The Outdoor Leisure Centre where I selected a couple of pairs of waterproof leggings and a matching hood for my waterproof jacket.

Tuesday 26th January 1993

More wet and windy weather today flooding neighbouring gardens. Therefore working inside fitting heat sensors in the boat-shed, kitchen, bathroom; and smoke alarms in kitchen, hall and living room upstairs , Sorting and raising timber on pallets.

The government reduced interest rates by a full percentage point today, panicking about the high level of unemployment and the way the economy is stuck in recession

There was more wet and windy weather today but I still managed to give Sam some long walks and more lessons on sitting and staying at a distance. However, it was the water level that was most notable, the overnight frost freezing the invasive puddles so as to make them even more noticeable. It was the highest that I had seen it and poor Doris Vincent's garden was six inches under water all over so that she had to use boots to get out. When Jack came later, he said that it was getting close to the highest that he had seen it.

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