February 1984

Making good business progress during a month of awful industrial and political news that strengthens my resolve to sell my company whilst the going is good and to find more time to improve my family life and research our history

A continuing month of microcomputer industry arrangements and managing my company by completing the administration of my group structure, which also involved resolving lending arrangements with Barclays. At times the frost hardly cleared during the day and our premises were constantly cold. I had decided over the New Year period to sell the Comart Group, despite my wife Diana and son Daniel having misgivings, and I needed to make sure that our ‘group house’ was in order for the process to take place and that also involved negotiating with the minority option holder of The Byte Shop group and laying plans for premises expansion too. I had the £3m Kode offer and was considering it but their consultants, PA, were suggesting it took place in two stages.