March 1991

A busy month of preparations for the forthcoming Election and our family holiday in California as the weather turned quite mild again with the daffodils flowering. My schedule of public service meetings continued unabated; with all this leaving little time for my social, Norfolk and boating activities and also Freda’s health was a cause for concern.

The start of our holiday in San Francisco brought back the memories of all our past Californian pleasures with Daniel taking his girlfriend Angela with him for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. John Major’s UK Government under was siege over the Poll Tax, whose days were numbered, as he fought anti-European sentiments to keep Britain at the heart of the EU but, together with the US, combined efforts to negotiate arms reductions with the Soviets and contain or depose Saddam Hussein were struggling.

March was a very busy month with many demands upon my time, but a very good and productive one. For the most part, it was spent trying to clear up my financial affairs and then to initiate the election campaigns before the start of our Californian holidays and all this, when combined with other normal activities, proved to be quite a strain. The weather was quite mild again in mid-month and the presence of so many large and fine daffodils confirmed the imminent arrival of Spring before a following started fine but clouded over later and tried to rain to bring us back to earth, but soon we would be in the warmth of California.

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