Thursday 31st October 1991

Della was all right and in traction with a plasma drip, intravenous pain killers and blood thinners with 15min blood tests and I took care to send a note with Debbie to school today updating them as the school bus children had witnessed the scene.

We got a folder of get-well cards from Little Paxton schoolchildren and I took Debbie with me to see Della and Diana later at the hospital.

A better night's sleep and so much rested when awaking this I was up at 5.00am this morning, getting showered, shaved and dressed and the breakfast laid out ready for Debbie to get up. At 6.00am, I felt able to call the Holly Ward staff and asked about Della and was told that she passed the night well and both her and Diana were OK. I asked in particular about any signs of concussion and there were none. I then telephoned Di's parents (who were difficult to raise) and asked Norma to come over and give some support to Di. Then my sister to get her to tell Mum gently later on and to ask her about the fibia fracture and make sure she was informed.

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Wednesday 30th October 1991

After a normal day chatting with the gardener and completing the company registration forms for Glisson Printers, a disaster later as Della was run over as she left the school bus in Gordon Road; but I was soon on the scene organising things after Debbie ran home screaming. Di called 999 for help, I supervised the site and got things organised for her trip to hospital with a broken thigh.

With Di and Debbie hysterical, I took them with me behind the ambulance and then brought Debbie home to rest. The head injury was the worry but fortunately tests revealed no concussion or pelvic damage with a calmer end to the day.

A better night's sleep and so much rested when awaking this morning. The girls off to school and then I settled down in my office to get some paperwork done. A chat with the gardener about doing some concreting today and then completed the forms for the company formation of Glisson Printers Limited. This took some time and then more still for the rest of my papers and correspondence. Lunch with Diana back from her shopping and then I treated myself to a little relaxation, watching the 3rd/4th team play-off in the Rugby Union World Cup between Scotland and New Zealand. Scotland played bravely but lost to the superior forward scrummaging power of the Kiwis. Even so, they played for and won their pride in an exciting match.

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Tuesday 29th October 1991

A very long and tiring day after a poor night, meeting up with Di's parents and then Roman Znajek of Glisson to further our company pans. Then come campaigning publicity on behalf of Scott Peacock and back to see Dr Thomas about my painful foot who referred me for treatment. Then the evening council and political meetings before to bed and to sleep with Diana

It was another intensive and busy day that left me feeling quite tired and ready for bed at the end of it. I try to cram in so much when back at Paxton that it puts me under great pressure but then I value the time it creates for me in Horning. I started quite groggy after a poor night. All the bedroom windows had been closed last night and I awoke at 3.00am with a headache from the warmth and stuffiness of the room. Della had been up very late and had followed me into bed but I sent her back to her own room and she must be feeling very tired as well as she tackles her school work in Kimbolton and in the evening. I did not do much before leaving for Cambridge with Diana this morning except ask the gardener to investigate the conservatory where the greenfly and blackfly had been running amok.

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Monday 28th October 1991

The girls back to school and me to a round of meetings both in my office and then at Glisson Road, Cambridge, where we incorporated Glisson Printers Ltd with me as Company Secretary. Then home and to agree to open the Grand Bazaar and Jumble Sale in support of the fund raising for medical treatment of Scott Peacock, a Little Paxton boy which I am pleased to do next Saturday.

There was no gradual re-introduction to things this morning as it was the first day back to school for the girls and I was hosting a crucial constituency campaign meeting for mid-morning. Della went quite happily and willingly to school having discussed her fears with Diana and Debbie beforehand which was a good way to handle her nervousness. Then I was disappointed to find the conservatory in very poor shape after my time away. On the plus side, the banana plant was sporting a beautiful cascade of miniature fruit, but most of the rest of the plants were subject to aphid attack and had succumbed to under-watering.

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