Thursday 28th February 1991

US President Bush declared an end to the Gulf War at mid-night on a day I spent wading through my mail, settling down to work on my income tax affairs and completing some stockbroker transactions before resuming work on our LibDem FOCUS newsletter and attending our best-ever local Liberal Democrat meeting at the Priory Centre. The Allies had destroyed most of Iraq's armies and tanks in Southern Iraq.

The good news this morning was that US President Bush had declared an end to the Gulf War at mid-night Washington time (5.00am this morning), having destroyed most of Iraq's armies and tanks in Southern Iraq. There was no final Iraqi surrender but there was acceptance of the relevant UN resolutions. The coalition are calling the cease-fire provisional and have added further conditions about Iraq destroying its ballistic missiles and undertaking not to produce more.

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Wednesday 27th February 1991

What was planned to be an uninterrupted day, started with a call from Alf asking me to see Freda in hospital. I managed to edit and print out the FOCUS contributions from my colleagues and then took my my portable Amstrad computer round to Derek Giles and helped him. The weather was milder again today and very wet. The USAF is attacking the Iraqi forces mercilessly which have retreated from Kuwait and are cut off in southern Iraq.

I anticipated a relatively uninterrupted day to get on with my FOCUS work and remains of my present tax planning chores but first I had a call from brother-in-law Alf who confirmed that Freda was in Norwich hospital and asked if I could get to see her this weekend. I will try to get up there as I also have to bring Daniel home to pick up his car which we hope will be ready this weekend. The overnight news was still of the USAF attacking the Iraqi forces which have retreated from Kuwait and are cut off in southern Iraq, The USSR and other countries are bitterly complaining about this activity which seems to lack any restraint or compassion.

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Tuesday 26th February 1991

I joined Diana for our trip to Cambridge, catching up with work and calls during the journey, and then meeting up with her parents in Eaden Lilley for morning coffee. On to my colleagues for my new software and mouse, which worked well, and then back home to chair the joint meeting of the Parish Council and Village Hall committees about expansion of the facility. News from my mum that Freda had gone into hospital to have skin therapy on her leg. The good news from the Gulf the good news from the Gulf is that the Coalition forces have Saddam Hussein on the retreat

 I slept well enough last night and then sat in bed this morning, listening to all of the good news from the Gulf. The Coalition forces have Saddam Hussein on the retreat and even offering to withdraw from Kuwait, but they have decided not to accept his terms now and will press on to try and humiliate him. Della was a bit of a pain again this morning. She will make no allowance for any disruption in the house and just makes her demands anyway. I joined Diana for the trip to Cambridge this morning to do some chores but first I saw the electrician and gave him my instructions for the completion of his job. I just wanted him to tidy up the wiring and protect it from the hot pipes and I will screw down the floorboards myself after effecting some repairs to stop them creaking. During the car journey to Cambridge, I made good use of the time by first making telephone calls and then updating my computer journal which was quite a novel experience.

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Monday 25th February 1991

It was another mild day which was just as well as the heating was off for most of it as the electrician worked. I worked on my tax affairs and investments for most of the time as well as hosting Sally and then took the family for a Little Chef evening meal.

The Allied land war is said to be going very well but an Iraqi Scud missile hit a US forces billet, killing 27 soldiers and injuring nearly 100. The Court of Appeal today decided that the evidence against the famed "Birmingham Six" was unsafe and unsound.

We were expecting the electrician to have the power off for most of the working day and so Diana had planned to go out this morning to avoid the disruption. I wanted to go as well but she said she was very busy and wanted to get on. I was a little late up and Debbie was just going off to school as I came down to breakfast. Settled into my office and set about my computer work until I was disrupted. In the end it was well into the afternoon before the power had to go off in my half of the house and I then went over to Nigel's to collect my copy of the "Word" software package and stayed for a coffee and a long chat.

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