May 1987

A good family month for health and welfare which featured good use of our new swimming pool, major improvements to the moorings and pleasurable outings which included the first boat trip on The Lady after its recent renovations. Thatcher consolidates her party’s position with local election success and then immediately calls a General Election for June and the rest of the month is dominated by the campaigning but the East/West arms talks still progress, albeit slowly, and in the face of the Irangate enquiry. Workers protest over unemployment as certain of the rich are arrested for fraud and tax evasion and Townsend Thorensen is under increasingly bitter attack at the Zeebrugge enquiry over its sacrifice of safety to profit motives. The Russians have tested a space rocket, capable of launching space craft similar to the US space shuttle as the bizarre story today unfolded of the chase of a West German aviator, Mathias Rust (19), flying to Moscow, buzzing the Kremlin in a light plane and then landing in Red Square. Protests, strikes and violence occur after South Africa still persists with All-White elections and an eccentric coup is foiled for now in Fiji

And so May is out and we can all ‘cast a clout’. If the old folk saying referred to the blossom of the May or Hawthorn tree, then that is out too and the weather has turned quite warm. There were cold and blustery days and others where hail was covering the ground like snow more stormy and wild weather was experienced later to prove the point. All is well in the Broad family. I am recovering from my foot injury and, apart from some splinters and cuts on my hands (as always), I am well. The children have hay fever as usual, but we are OK really. Di’s family are well, if a bit erratic in their plans and decisions as I do not think they are now moving. Unfortunately, Charles turns more and more reluctant to go out and see people by the day. His fixations with the housework, paper and crossword puzzles etc. proves quite frustrating for Norma, who is quite the outgoing type. Di and I have had our own problems with an emotional argument with Diana on a rainy day. My Mum & Dad managed to visit us for the first time in a long while and us them too. Mum was weak and tired at the exertion, but enjoyed the trip. They are now getting a new pent and tiled roof for their ‘mobile’ home, and I have agreed to pay for it. We have been pre-occupied with being outside this month now that the days are now long and work outside plenty. resulting in two boat trips on The Lady and the riverside work on our moorings nearing completion and our plans for a month’s boat trip to the Norfolk Broads with The Little Lady in July and August are well advanced.