Monday 31st July 1989

We left Great Yarmouth Marina, went under the Yarmouth bridges early in the morning, crossed Breydon Water and moored up at the Berney Arms, where we bought Daniel a speedboat from the licensee, on condition he buckles down to his schoolwork when we get back. After lunch at the pub, we set off upstream and arrived at St Olave’s, where we visited St Mary’s Priory with its neighbouring restaurant that supported a menagerie which entertained the girls.

I woke at 6:30am in Great Yarmouth Marina with the rain still falling and so I wondered what to do as I drank my morning tea. A check of the Hamilton’s tide tables showed that we were okay to go under the Yarmouth Bridges until 7:30am and so we made a quick start and set off at 7am. The weather had cleared up and we needed to drop the windscreens and slide back the canopy and so we were glad the sun was shining as we crossed Breydon Water. I opened The Lady up to reach about 8kn, but Daniel was put off a speeding exercise by the wind on his canopy.

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Sunday 30th July 1989

Lady Martina was equal to the torrential downpour of rain last night, keeping her occupants berths dry. Today we went by bus to Great Yarmouth and on by taxi to the Marina Centre where we avoided the weather by swimming in the heated pool complex after which I took Daniel to the cinema and I the girls to the children’s play places before watching the carnival. A quiet evening aboard in a cool wind with sharp showers

I slept okay but the night was interrupted with a torrential downpour of rain that had me scampering around with a torch to see how waterproof The Lady was. In fact, my evening’s work sealing cracks had been a good job and the bunks were dry. Once our morning routine was over, we set off bravely in the wind and rain by bus to the centre of Great Yarmouth and on by taxi to the Marina Centre, where we avoided the weather by swimming in the heated pool complex.

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Saturday 29th July 1989

Our quiet mooring at Ant Mouth was spoiled by early-mooring hire cruisers speeding to get back to their bases. We set off on a day which was a bit breezier but still warm and humid, then moored at Acle Bridge, looking at suitable boats for the Broads. Then on Daniel’s boat along Acle Dyke to the village and back to take advantage of ebbing tide to Yarmouth Marina, where we moored and took a bus to Great Yarmouth. Some time on our boat this evening doing chores as we hear news of the Dock Strike crumbling at Liverpool

I had trouble getting to sleep last night and then Diana woke me up early! It was a great spot at Ant Mouth, but then the early morning hire cruisers started roaring along, trying to get back to their bases by the due time. It was a bit breezier today but still warm and humid, which made us uncomfortably hot again. We did not stay moored up that long. I kept Daniel’s boat alongside and cast off for the journey downstream on the Bure.

Friday 28th July 1989

After another poor night, Diana and I were deeply engaged in discussing what type of boat we should buy when the girls awoke and frustrated the process. Breakfast was troubled until Daniel joined in and tried to mediate, but soon after Daniel and I were picked up by the Estate Agent to go and view Heronshaw and meet its present owner, where a deal was reached. For £110,000, we arranged for a number of things to form part of the sale and we were then briefed on the services and information necessary to care for this old building. After returning to The Lady, the girls were happy swimming, and so we looked at some other boats and then caught a taxi to Brundall, collected our Range Rover, and viewed some Broom Boats as well. We then cruised on, stopped to look round St Bennett’s Abbey and heard of England’s humiliating drubbing by Australia in the Test Match

I had a rather poor night, made uncomfortable by the heat and the confined dimensions in the sleeping bag in equal measure. Eventually, when we rose, Di and I were locked in conversation (almost argument) over what type of boat would suit us best and then the girls awoke and came to disturb and interrupter us, which made us angry. A troubled breakfast as a result until Daniel joined in and tried to mediate. Soon after, Mr Golden of the Broadland Estate Agency came by to pick me up to further view Heronshaw and meet its present owner, with Daniel joining me.

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