Saturday 15th July 1989

We stayed in Potter Heigham for a while on another warm dry and sunny day and Di took Della shopping as I played with Deborah on the new keyboard. A late morning cruise down the Thurne following the Albion Wherry in full sail and struggling to keep up with this magnificent craft going downwind until we stopped at Horning Ferry Marina and walked into Horning village where I got details of riverside houses including Heronshaw. Dan and I cruised round by boat to view them and was late back for tea. The national news is all about Thatcher’s troubles at home and in Europe where she is totally isolated.

This was another fine, warm, dry and sunny day so that this summer in general, and this holiday in particular, are turning out very well as far as the weather is concerned! We stayed in Potter Heigham for a while this morning, Diana took Della shopping and I played with Deborah on the new keyboard instrument. We had eaten breakfast with the sliding canopy back in the warmth. In late morning, we took off and, as we cruised down the Thurne, we came up behind the Albion wherry in full sail. With the brisk breeze, it was all we could do to keep up with this magnificent craft going downwind! I moored up at the village of Thurne and we had lunch at the pub there which is a splendid old house.

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Friday 14th July 1989

After a quiet night in Stokesby, we failed to find the flower festival and so had morning drinks and cakes at the village store and then continued upstream, and along Upton Dyke to the staithe where we refilled with water and walked to the village centre. The pub being poor, some more drinks and snacks from the village store eating them on a memorial seat by the duck pond before setting off upstream past Thurne Mouth and up to Potter Heigham where we enjoyed a BBQ but caught no fish before I took a walk to Repps and back.

We had a good quiet night at Stokesby and we carried a while, getting ready this morning expecting to find a flower festival in the church. We walked up there together but found nothing, as the parishes are grouped together, and the festival is Filby this year! We still had the morning drinks and cakes at the Riverside Stores and let the girls play on the riverside playthings. I undertook one or two repairs to the boat and then we eventually set off further upstream. We cruised along Upton Dyke and moored at the Staithe, filling up with water before walking to the village centre.

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Thursday 13th July 1989

After a late night and the keyboard, we all slept well until the contractors woke us at 6 AM. After breakfast a trip to Yarmouth for the family, setting themselves up by Joyland on the beach for fun in the sand and on nearby rights back by taxi to the boat after which we left Reedham and cruised up to Stokesby, finding a good morning by the village green and playground. Some time at the specialist candle makers shop, some seafood to eat from another specialist shop and a long chat with Mr George Foley, telling me all about the village had its problems and politics. There was too much flow and watercolour for any fishing success

We slept well enough, but I had gone to bed very late after spending some hours on the keyboard. At 6 a.m., the contractors started working again and we were awake. Once ready and breakfasted, we set off for Yarmouth for the morning. A walk from the bus station to the seafront where we set ourselves up by Joyland on the beach and the girls alternated between the sand and rides as Daniel played the amusement arcades. Di did some food shopping and we were back together at midday to take a McDonald’s takeaway lunch back to The Lady by taxi.

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Wednesday 12th July 1989

After a fruitless attempt to buy some goats milk for Daniel in Reedham, we cruised along to the Berney Arms, stopped there for lunch at the pub and looked round the windmill. Afterwards, as we cruised across Breydon Water to Yarmouth, which gave Daniel the ideal opportunity to race ahead in the Little Lady and planehis boat across the open water, which he loved. We moored up at the very poor Yarmouth Marina, which was a veritable building site as workers were improving the flood defences. We took a taxi to Yarmouth and did some shopping, found the goat milk we needed for Daniel and bought a keyboard for the children to learn and play with.

Our plan for today was to first look around Reedham for some goat milk, as we had run out. We checked the local shops and then walked away out to an old bungalow owned by a chap thought likely to have the milk, but he had disposed of his goats a few days previous! We cruised along to the The Berney Arms and stopped there for lunch at the pub and a look around the windmill which is now kept up by English Heritage. Then the cruise across Breydon Water to Yarmouth. Daniel raced ahead and planed his boat across the open water which excited him greatly.

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