September 1987

One of the wettest months on record followed our arrival back and need to tackle a range of outside and riverside projects, uppermost of which was landscaping the new games lawn. Daniel finds a new girlfriend, Debbie makes a successful start at Kimbolton School and still keeps her local friends and pursuits going, we plan a new Anaheim Disneyland break for half term, I accept candidature in local elections. Elsewhere, details of The Hungerford massacre and Herald of Free Enterprise disasters are revealed. UK industrial unrest is rife, Israel break international law unimpeded and the Gulf tanker attacks continue unabated and more coups take place in Fiji but the US/USSR are on the eve of a historic arms settlement and Russian Yuri Romanenko has broken the space endurance record.

And so September has ended and with it the summer of 1987. The mornings are quite cold now and the days ever shorter. Though the weather has been fine, the high pressure has come too late to give us a taste of summer weather and this season past must go down as one of the wettest on record. But at least we enjoyed our boating holiday, and progressed the range of outside and riverside projects with the landscaping and river protection complete. I rotavated the games lawn area and was planning to turf it soon. The immediate family are well, though starting to snuffle with seasonal chills. Daniel has an eye test coming and is in full adolescent mode, but is fine really, compared with some. He has Paul and several of his friends visiting and they invite two local girls to join them which I includes one of them, a Louise, for him and he gets quite fond of her and wants to give er a ring later.