February 1987

Success for me progressing my history book and acquiring of a new Daimler for me and boat for Daniel, and for the kids with their school work. Thatcher rules a de-industrialising society even more divided by wealth and now oppressed by opposition to unions and secrecy rules attacking free speech in the so-called protection of security and use of Police causing rioting in the Midlands which would not have pleased the late Harold McMillan; one of the many famous personalities whose lives end this freezing cold and fairly wet month which also sees family ill-health but family celebrations as well.  At home, the SDP/Liberal Alliance party wins the Greenwich by-election, the Aids infection spreads, the Church of England decides to allow women into the priesthood and elsewhere, the thawing of Soviet oppression and reforms there failing to win arms reciprocation from Reagan as he loses key aide to the Iran Arms sales scandal and violence continues in Ireland but Syrian intervention helps a troubled Beirut

After a milder start, much of the month’s weather has been bitterly cold and uncomfortable, with flurries of snow as a result of the accompanying winds. Also a fairly wet month as well which has left the ground is sodden. The trees are budding, but they have not burst open yet for fear of lingering frosts. The garden is in good shape, due to the time Pete has been spending on it, but the work on the new lawn is in limbo until the bank protection work starts. We have been quite fit lately, or at least I have, though Daniel his continued catarrh/sinus troubles and Di has had a throat/chest infection