June 1987

An appallingly wet month that does not stop me completing the river works at The Hayling View moorings and our family enjoying our new swimming pool and restored summer house, hosting events here and having lost of outings. The children do well as my mother recovers but Di suffers and Thatcher wins her election with a large majority and starts implementing her plans on a deeply divided nation which includes the Poll Tax. There few measures to tackle the NHS waiting list crisis, the Cleveland Child Care scandal breaks, our diplomatic tussle with Iran escalates as Middle East disputes deepen , the South African unrest continues and US President Reagan is largely ineffective, weighed down with the Irangate scandal as Gorbachev gets frustrated with him

And thus ends June, a month of appallingly wet and then muggy weather, which is better behind us. A July heatwave has already started to help Wimbledon catch up the 90 or so matches they are behind because of the weather. Too late, though, for the first two test matches, which were washed out, leaving England and Pakistan to play a virtual three-match series and at times the rain was heavy with the river rising ominously within a foot of the quay-heading  as we had at least 3 times normal rainfall for June in East Anglia. My foot has healed up after the nasty injury after visiting the doctor and all our family are well, except for the hay fever, which affects the children, with Debbie worst of all. We have all had colds during the wet, windy and cold month, but they are behind us now. My Mum improves and managed to pay us a visit on her crutches, but I am not sure about Freda and Alf, who may well be deteriorating with her leg problems and his cancer in the back from a life’s overexposure to the sun. Daniel was ready for his Maths ‘O’ level and Physics exams and seems to have made a reasonable effort, and is now enjoying his boat and the swimming pool. Debbie has plenty of activities and friends to keep her busy and has good writing and drawing skills. Soon she will leave her Little Paxton school for the last time, which is sad, but good for her. I had been taking her to the riding stables and special events like her Ely Cathedral Service.  Della comes on apace with speech better, but not her behaviour, which is quite a trial at the moment. Poor Di cannot handle her too well, as she gets so exasperated.