Tuesday 30th June 1992

Recovering from all of the exertions and arrangements from the day before David and Gilly fixed the Harnser Floor Bearers in place. My helper Steve’s wife Mary has had a setback with breast cancer but Della has won a school prize for Art and features in the Kimbolton prize-giving after all

I had just collapsed into bed last night and proceeded to sleep very soundly before waking up around 5.00am with the dawn chorus. I tried to go back to sleep but, well rested and with much to do, I decided to get up and had a wash and shave before getting dressed ready for the day ahead. After making a cup of tea, I typed up these last two days journal to the fascination of Steven who was groggily recovering consciousness. Some toast and more tea for breakfast and then, after removing the overnight cover from the timber to let it continue to dry out, I settled down to some planning for the rest of the building project.

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Monday 29th June 1992

The timber arrives from Jewsons by lorry and is loaded on to our barge at Horning quay which is safely navigated to my dyke at Heronshaw and the Harnser building work starts. Wimbledon Fortnight continues with much excitement as Britain's Jeremy Bates makes the last sixteen

No trouble in waking up this morning, with the sun shining through the thin curtains and the Norfolk birds making their normal early-morning racket. A drink, breakfast of cereal and a little planning for the day before getting some tools out and doing a little more on the grounds before the first of my helpers arrived. It was David Goodman, soon followed by "Gilly", the labourer, at 8.00am and I borrowed David's car to extend my reservation of space at Horning Quay before the shop-keepers arrived. I found Tony, of Amis construction, parked in The Swan car park reading his newspaper whilst sitting in his van and I soon roped him in to give me a lift back to Heronshaw. He started up the barge and I accompanied him in The Jolly as we crossed over to the quay where Steven had arrived and helped us swap the boats over.

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Sunday 28th June 1992

To Norfolk for the eve of the building work, reserving mooring and parking space at Horning quay for my timber delivery and then retiring tired to watch my newly-commissioned television at Heronshaw. 

I had brought the accessories for the TV and commissioned it by tuning into the local frequencies and the reception was very good. 

It was another hot day today and I had to check the swimming pool after all its use yesterday. Breakfast with the girls with Daniel and Angela sleeping in a while, and then I worked on in the office, getting most of the urgent paperwork out of the way before my trip to Norfolk. I stayed on until after lunch by which time I had loaded several sheets of plywood and the electrical garden shredder into the back of  the Range Rover with the seats down. The journey to Norfolk afterwards had me arriving at Horning in late afternoon. I spent some time unloading in the heat and then I drove down to Horning Quay to see that there was a day-boat in the prime position for transferring the timber in the morning.

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Saturday 27th June 1992

A gloriously sunny and warm day and a house-full for Della's 8th Birthday Party as we prepared the back garden with chairs, mats and a bouncy castle with two extended dining tables for the eighteen party-goers. Della blew all of her eight candles out and they all sang her "Happy Birthday".

I was very slow to get up and then read the last couple of days' newspapers before going back to shower and dress. This, with Daniel's late appearance and occupation of the lounge last night, led to Di getting more and more anxious about getting things ready for the party until she ended up crying but got the family's help and co-operation thereafter. It was another glorious day of sun and warm weather and so we set out the house and back garden with chairs, mats and a bouncy castle for the party. We needed two extended dining tables for the eighteen party-goers and, by the time Debbie came home from school at 12.30pm, things were just about ready and we went out for lunch.

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