Friday 30th November 1990

A day dominated by Debbie’s toe injury as she need a lift to the bus stop but could still do horse riding later! I was preoccupied with Focus editorial issues and the forthcoming parliamentary campaigns, whilst also faxing copy to local papers and radio stations about the Prime Minister's first performance in the House of Commons.

I had to send regrets for not going  to London today to join a colleague from Warwickshire at the Appeal Court where I had been financially-supporting a legal defence of the rights of School Governors not to be dismissed for political reasons and this was the end of the road.

I have slipped into a routine of late nights and slower starts to the day and Della came up to my bed and started the day with me this morning. I still joined the girls for breakfast but the peace was disturbed by Deborah who drew herself forward to the table on her chair and succeeded in getting the weight of herself and the chair leg on her toe. Much wailing and weeping and an injury such that Diana had to give her a lift to the bus stop! Into my office where I had to start the process of clearing up and putting everything away after a hectic couple of days.

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Thursday 29th November 1990

As Diana planned her ‘big shop’, Debbie caused concern by dropping her flute and damaged it slightly and I had to get this repaired in Cambridge whilst also getting my Range Rover lights fixed and meeting with the LibDems constituency Chairman at the party headquarters in Cambridge to try to resolve the parliamentary candidacy problem with Sue Sutton, which I managed to do; getting her to stand with me helping.

Home to go out again to a HDC Southern Area Consultative meeting at the Priory Centre where we got our way as the Tories had failed to turn up in sufficient numbers. Diana took Debbie to her horse-riding and where they had arranged some show-jumping and, from a field of over 20, she managed to win 5th place and also a clear round rosette.

Up a little slowly again after my late night but still able to get to the table in a state of undress like yesterday. The last crumbs of a packet of Oat Wheat Flakes, some milk (which almost made it moist) and then more apple juice to complete my breakfast. After the winds lately, the leaves were gathered into the corners and the flower-beds and therefore the lawns were quite clear. The weather was still again, with the cloud cover keeping the frost at bay. The girls to school and me to work as Diana went to St Neots to do a "big shop" at Waitrose. The news from Debbie this morning was that she had dropped her flute and damaged it slightly so that the "G" key was sticking. The repairer is in Cambridge and I tried to call him to see if he could do something quickly for us.

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Wednesday 28th November 1990

A day scheduled for FOCUS work rudely interrupted with a personal BBC TV interview in the absence of a LibDem PPC in either local constituency to oppose John Major. This evening to Sally’s house for a Liberal Democrat committee meeting which was very well attended with a number of new people who had come along to join in as potential candidates for next May's Town Council elections.

John Major has bravely appointed Michael Heseltine as Environment Secretary with the brief of sorting out the Poll Tax and regrettably chose no female ministerial colleagues the first time in 25 years as his second mistake

I was slower to rise this morning but had got washed and shaved and could therefore at least have breakfast with the girls even though I was dressed only in pyjamas and dressing gown! I quickly dressed and did my chores afterwards as I was expecting Sally to arrive to key with some FOCUS copy. When she arrived, she brought her daughter, Alex, with her who professed that she was not well today but seemed well enough by then and happily sat in the play-room and watched "David the Gnome" video-tapes. Sally typed away and then my plans were thrown into flux by a call from BBC Television. They wanted to know who the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate was for John Major's Huntingdon Constituency and I did not know.

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Tuesday 27th November 1990

I joined Diana for her regular Tuesday shopping trip to Cambridge on what had become a nice, still and sunny morning and then spent the afternoon editing my Focus newsletter until joining the HDC Policy Committee to consider the link road around Ramsey & Bury in the evening, which I almost got deferred.  

We were all astonished to hear that John Major had been elected Conservative Leader and thus Prime Minister.

I was up a little late but was still able to get to the table in time to have a breakfast of croissants with the family. These days, Diana uses the oven to heat them and they are nice and crisp to eat. I decided to join Diana on a shopping trip to Cambridge today as it was a chance to meet her parents and also to get some of my own Christmas shopping done before the shops get so crowded in December. There was still a lot of traffic on entering the city and so we parked on the outskirts and walked across St Johns College grounds on what had become a nice, still and sunny morning. The peaceful and serene scene was somewhat spoilt by us being approached by a beggar to whom I gave fifty pence and I thought allowed that I hoped that the passing of Thatcher's Britain would see the end of all this.

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