Tuesday 31st December 1991

Up early and out for the drive to Norfolk on New Year's Eve to visit the Broads Authority and District Council offices to see latest copies of the Local Plan to prepare the ground for the Councillors’ Heronshaw site visit.

Home to a grumpy Diana who had declined to join me and to see Michael Pope’s resignation letter from Town and District Councils which was a setback for my own retirement plans. I accepted the £500 for Sundance from Mr Drake today and the FT Index was up to very nearly 1500

Diana called me up at 7.00am by arrangement but it was still after 8.00am by the time I could get ready to leave for Norfolk. The weather was not too unpleasant - just cold with a slight breeze - and I made good progress in slight traffic along the A45 past Cambridge. There do not seem to be too many people at work this week, even on days that are not officially Bank Holidays. I drove straight into the centre of Norwich to the offices of the Broadland District Council and there asked to see the latest copy of their Local Plan for Broads development. Then along to the offices of the Broads Authority in Colgate Street to do much the same thing there before driving on to Heronshaw. My task was to prepare the property ahead of the Broads Authority Planning Committee site visit on Friday.

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Monday 30th December 1991

After starting the gardener on the task of lopping the hawthorne tree that overhangs our swimming pool, I change for my Hinchingbrooke hospital appointment about my shoe insoles and I now need my reading glasses almost all the time for reading small print. I missed Steve Bloom who was not at home in Sawtry.

Chrisula and her three daughters visited and I tried so very hard to receive warmly though I find her such a dim-witted person but was happier relaxing with the girls later.

Business confidence is poor, and the Sterling is at its very lowest parity allowable in the ERM of the EMS as John Major is implored by some Tory politicians to take Britain out of the ERM or devalue. The fighting increases both in Georgia and in Yugoslavia that was and we come to the end of a volatile year.

Had trouble in getting to sleep last night which I put down to not getting enough exercise, my relaxing so much of late. Was therefore sound asleep when Diana woke me after 8.00am and then only just showered when I was called to breakfast in my dressing gown. Dressed first in some old clothes and out to start the gardener on the task of lopping the hawthorne tree that overhangs our swimming pool. then quickly changed and over to Hinchingbrooke to my appointment at 10.45am with the fitting’s technician. I had complained of my new surgical insoles riding up and not doing the job for what they were intended and the technician agreed to take them back and make them stiffer.

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Sunday 29th December 1991

Our typical 5th Sunday Little Paxton family church service on a mild and dull day and then lunch out in St Neots together now that Debbie has given up Sundance. I had a backlog of Focus deliveries and local affairs which I was starting to get fed up with.

The world is still concerned with the aftermath of the USSR but the subject bores me and at home the Tory fringe urges the government to bring sterling out of the E.M.U. for all the sensible economic analysts predict no early end to the country's problems

I was awoken at 8.00am this morning and had hardly started to get washed when Diana announced breakfast ready. I was down in my dressing gown to have fried breakfast with the others and wondered about my waistline with all this eating this season. I now weigh nearly fourteen stones again, after having got down to nearly thirteen and a half. Dressed for church and then tended to my chores as the girls got into the Range Rover. A nice family service at St James, this being a fifth Sunday in a month, and Rev Peter Lewis had a service of carols and lessons still in the Christmas spirit which Diana enjoyed.

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Saturday 28th December 1991

A challenging 24th Anniversary, which saw Debbie's last ride on Sundance with Diana being particularly sad at that. Derek Giles’ mother is dying of cancer, Daniel leaves for Cheshire to be with Angela and I get a hair cut in St Neots and then I read some Samuel Pepys and investigate cruising on the Inland Waterways of France.

The aftermath of the former USSR is painful with numerous disputes and risks, the Serbs and Croats are still hard at it in the former territory of Yugoslavia and at home there are some nasty attacks on old ladies

I had stayed up very late last night watching a moving documentary on the life of John Lennon and so had left a note for Diana to let me lay in this morning. Still woke up at 8.00am and got showered and dressed in time to have breakfast with the others. Took Diana to St Neots shopping after doing my chores and there got my hair cut and bought my 1992 diary insert. Once in town, I met Derek Giles who told me of his mother dying of cancer and being admitted to Moggerhanger Hospice yesterday. At the barbers, I had my hair shampooed by one young lady and then cut by another which was nice. The latter was a slight red-head just three months down from Glasgow.

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