Sunday 30th July 2017

Another day in Boulogne, but a more outgoing one with a trip to the local produce market this morning, some polishing of Lady Martina this afternoon and then the yacht club for some dancing in the evening, as Tuesday’s forecast better weather slowly approaches and I read all about Norwich City’s quite satisfactory pre-Season moves and matches. Russia expel 755 US diplomatic staff in retaliation for sanctions, our Royal Family join he King of Belgium in commemorating our dead at Passchendaele

We have fallen into a pattern of staying up late and laying in even later but I keep telling myself that we are on holiday and so can do it. I was not awake until woken by my weather station around 8.30am and then worked from 9am until 10.30am by which time I had to wake Kathleen if we were to make anything of the day at all. I was reading all about Norwich City’ home draw 1-1 against newly-promoted Brighton as the last match in a very satisfactory pre-Season but injuries are restricting the options of our new Head Coach ahead of the first game of the new season away to Fulham next Saturday. I also uploaded all of the latest days of historic journal that Kathleen had typed for me and so I should be up to date until we return home from this extended boating holiday.

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