April 1988

A month dominated by my Paxton Ward District Council Election Campaign as I was unfazed by a nasty fall and my paperwork and boat suffered but not my new Games lawn, which was bedding in nicely, and my swimming pool, which was by now in good use. Some good use of my cars in hosting family visits and trips. Thatcher in all sorts of political trouble over Poll Tax, unfair and underfunded Social Security ’Reforms’, a damaging Ferry Strike and her ulster ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy. The foreign news dominated by the Kuwaiti Airline hijacking and the violent Israeli suppression of Palestinian dissent but also more violent protest in Tripoli, South Africa and Pakistan.

And thus ends the month of April, a month dominated by my District Council Election campaign. Although I shall carry on working this coming week, we are looking forward to getting a handsome majority on Thursday May 5th.  I had managed a very complete campaign, delivering three leaflets printed by our Cambridge colleagues, erecting flag-boards in supporters gardens and enjoying the help of many more party helpers which included a Reverend canvasser and the tacit support of another and my local doctor and Parish Chairman as well. County Councillor candidate Michael Pope was ever-present and very supportive, I had attended public meetings in Little Paxton and Southoe and mustered maximum press coverage as a result of my local history project and election campaign. My rival, the sitting Tory Councillor was successfully dubbed as being ‘The Lady from St Ives’ and her single leaflet campaign which only started very late in the day after the weather had turned cold and inhospitable and was faltering. I had picked up on local issues and supported the objectors to the orchard next to St James Church being approved for development against the village’s wishes, the Harradine Farm bid to build 700 houses in Southoe and the campaign ‘Doom’ pledged to fight the Priory Hill development.