Tuesday 28th February 1989

I found and corrected a dangerously-high level of ammonia in my fish hospital tank and this, together with the task of collecting Debbie and taking her horse-riding, delayed my history project. Stephen Field also came to make the Ohgon’s second injection. The Soviet Union office to mediate between Britain and Iran and recent aircraft accidents prompt US aircraft companies to call for a massive programme of repairs and modifications to older planes

I had left my electric blanket on last night and woke up a bit warmer than I’d intended. I then showered, dressed and was down to breakfast and then to my conservatory to sort out my plants and fish. I had completed a partial water change on the Hariwake Ohgon when I decided to measure the ammonia level in the tank and I was glad that I did. It was dangerously high and that necessitated a complete water change which had to take a while as the water temperatures needed to be adjusted slowly.

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Monday 27th February 1989

Working on my Little Paxton Village Before the War chapter of the book such that I would have finished 13 chapters by tomorrow with just four and the indexing section to go. The range Rover failed to start today, and Diana took the Rolls-Royce. The river rose after the rain today but stop short of flooding our gardens. Paddy Ashdown puts out a challenge to David Owen over constituency selection of candidates and the police cleared an area in London after Semtex explosives were found

I had a reasonable night’s sleep, awakened by Diana the morning tea and to the sound of her struggling with the window catch. I was a little late to breakfast, but the family were still there and then, until 9a.m., I worked in the conservatory; watering plants and then siphoning out the Ohgon’s tank again and replacing the water that was removed with more salt solution. The fish looked a bit better today but needs the next antibiotic injection soon. I worked all day on my Little Paxton Village Before the War section and I think I can finish it tomorrow. That would mean that 13 chapters will be finished and for 4 plus the indexing section remaining to do. This is very good progress but not good enough for all else that I have to do.

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Sunday 26th February 1989

I spent time checking on the progress of my Ohgon’s health treatment and the safety of our boats after a reign deluge overnight before printing out and correcting the farms chapter of my book as Daniel clean the car. I started the Pre-War History Chapter of my book this evening and Frank Bruno lost out to Mike Tyson but gave him a run for his money

Being Sunday, we laid in a little later but I still had to rush to make breakfast on time, which was our usual fried one for this day of the week. I then attended my conservatory and the fish. I changed a portion of the Ohgon’s water and removed a lot of it containing lumps of mucus from his wounds before topping up with more salt solution at the rate of ½ ounce to the gallon. I think he is responding to the antibiotic injection and, by the end of the day, was less swollen with the infection. The rest of the morning printing out and correcting the Farms Chapter of my book before lunch. I managed to get Daniel to clean the car this morning and also had to check the boat moorings and add a rope or two. The heavens open last night and the water was rising fast with a neighbour’s boat nearly capsized it is tied it too tight.

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Saturday 25th February 1989

The weather today was cold; sunny this morning, but with rain and sleet this afternoon. After an uncomfortable night, I worked in the conservatory, siphoning out the isolation tank and topping it up to give the Ohgon some freshwater after which I replaced plants and tidied up after the work yesterday before setting out trays of seedlings. Also to get down to the job of relaying the office and lounge carpets, around the enlarge hearth stones. The Labour opposition leading the Tory government in the opinion polls for the first time since October 1986 and the confrontation with Iran over ‘Satanic Verses’ goes on

I had an uncomfortable night, feeling warm and only later realised that Diana had left her electric blanket on by accident. I was more active when Di came to give me my morning drink, as I pulled in with me for a while. A latish breakfast, as I had decided not to rush over to Offord with Debbie, but to let her go swimming first. Instead, I worked in the conservatory, siphoning out the isolation tank and topping it up to give the Ohgon some freshwater. It was full of the seepage from his wounds and was quite disgusting as I had run out of salt. I then went down to Sandy to buy a sack of salt and used some to restore the salinity. After lunch, I cleared out the conservatory and put all of the plants into their proper positions now that the workmen had finished.

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