March 1985

Busy month with the BMMG advocacy in between spending more time with Daniel and Debbie as the duck eggs arrive in droves but we retrieve The Lady and start using her after her refit and renovations. Thatcher’s government becomes every more unpopular and she faces equal criticism from Bishops and her own senior members for the austerity and divisiveness. The miners march back to walk after they are spyed on illegally, starved and bullied into submission. Good talks commence between Ireland and the UK over Ulster and between East/West as Gorbachev looks set to succeed Gromyko but worrying developments in South Africa, the Iran/Iraq war and The Lebanon lead to deaths and mistrust

Thus ends March and some contrasting weather as Spring begins. The family end the month fit and well after a series series of colds and flu that we had and my mother seems to be better and, no doubt, looking forward to a visit from us.  I am spending more time with the children than before;  reading to them and helping with their homework, which is a blessing, but I hope that I didn’t leave it too late to form a closer relationship with Daniel before he grows up. However, we give him a great Birthday party with Girls (!) as well as his male friends. . The doves and ducks are doing well in the better weather with plenty of eggs being laid and, fortunately, subsequently sold. We have managed, at last, to get out in The Lady on a very windy day, but the season is still early. At least we have got her back from her renovation and have checked out that she her new curtains both fit and look fine and the structure is waterproof and the equipment working well. We are about to get our children’s trusts sorted at long last and are negotiating for neighbouring riverside gardens to add to the house we are also buying next door. Some walks around Paxton Pits as I study the local and natural history of the area.  I have just started a two week holiday, after a very successful and busy period with the BMMG gaining members and involving many speeches, radio and Tv interviews meetings with DTI and NEDO at Millbank,  a press launch and a presentation to the PICOM parliamentary committee. Meetings with the DTI secure support for our £250,000 LAN grant, subject to application.