Monday 30th April 1984

Long day hosting German PA Consultant, viewing Grove House, approving the Byte Shop Personnel Plan and then eventually employing David’s choice of OEM/Dealer Sales Manager despite doubtful references

At The OfficeUp early and to wash and eat a breakfast of melon and one slice of toast and apple juice. To the office early and first to update my action lists for myself and my Directors in order to establish the priorities for the 3 year planning process which I wish to progress this week. Then to the morning mail which is as large as we have ever received and after to dictate a few letters and telexes in reply. Before lunch to visit each of the Directors involved in the plans and discuss with them their contributions which I think will progress very well. Soon the PA consultant from Germany arrives and we settle down to brief him on Comart and our plans, extending the discussions over a buffet lunch which John Lamb had arranged in the conference room.

Sunday 29th April 1984

Some time working outside on my landing stages on a cooler day before a drive around local villages and then hearing news of my Mum’s recovery but worries over their car as the barometer now falls and rain is expected

The LadyA good night’s sleep and awake to yet another sunny and clear-sky day. As I sit in bed I regret the boat being away for repair in such good varnishing weather. Still up for a breakfast of melon and mixed fried food and after to read The Sunday Times in the lounge as Diana had stripped the bed to air. I notice how chilly the morning is and, indeed, with a strong chilly wind the day’s temperature, though sunny, was only 10/15degC. This morning and again this afternoon I spoke to old Bill who seems a bit frail and shabby, but he had walked a half hour at each end of his journey from Bedford. For some of the time Debbie talked to him but she was put off by the noise of the mower.

Saturday 28th April 1984

Monitoring progress on The Lady, buying straw for the ducks and second-hand materials for constructing my landing stages as Diana recovers enough from her chesty cough to join me back in bed again

The LadyUp on time with a good night’s sleep but still tired from the weeks work and down to breakfast for my normal toast and fruit juice. I have put on a little weight recently and the summer should provide the means of losing it again. Yet another beautiful and sunny day but still the cold wind. A quick wash, shower, survey of the papers then, after letting out the ducks quite early and seeing Daniel off to school, off by car with the girls to Buckden Marina to enquire after The Lady. At last the boatyard have started work and disassembled the engine and will be continuing on Monday. On the way back to St Neots, we call in at the Arthur Ibbetts agricultural dealers to try to get a cable and then to the local farm for a bail of straw.

Friday 27th April 1984

Quieter and cooler day writing up the Byte Shop meeting, enquiring about Grove House and negotiating with Peter Smith of Kode as The murdered police woman, WPC Yvonne Fletcher, was buried at 10.00am almost 10 days to the minute after the original shooting by the Libyans.

Feeding the DucksA small lay in after a good night’s sleep. For once the weather starts dull but soon the early morning mist dispelled and the sun became hot. An early office start and a calmer day spent minuting The Byte Shop meeting, sorting out papers and binding the Business Plans for easy reference. I enquired after the Grove House Little Paxton office building and arranged an opportunity for us to view on Monday evening. I also spoke twice to Peter Smith, Group Managing Director of Kode, and advanced the negotiation for my sale of Comart by informing him of my request for a single £3M payment on completion in either cash or Kode shares.