September 1985

A fine, warm but very busy month during which others might be suffering with natural catastrophes and other reverses, but my family overcame illness to enjoy our developing riverside gardens and leisure activities whilst watching the building plans being documented in detail and then starting to come to fruition. Progress made in computer industry affairs with network standards being developed and supported and personally I could collect my Grant of Arms from the College of Arms in recognition of this but the Thatcher government austerity and control of local government finance led to riots in Liverpool and the heavy-handed policing they encourage after the Miners’ strike caused further riots in Handsworth and then Brixton which Lord Scarman attributed to discrimination and poverty but eventually Thatcher agrees to Un sanctions against South Africa but only after a series of police state atrocities and violence towards civil rights demonstrators.

And so ends the month of September. After the poor windy and wet weather of July and August, it has proved a fine sunny and warm month; restoring our confidence in the home climate and recharging our batteries. It often happens that an Indian summer follows the poorer mid-summer season but it was a month of hurricanes and earthquakes that killed tens of thousands of people. My summit of achievement was collecting my Grant of Arms from the College of Arms as a scroll.  The builders are at work and, despite their problems, are on schedule for an early December completion, which will make this Christmas a pleasure and allow us to extend more hospitality to our relatives. My garden plan is complete and well presented; the purchase of Bill’s plot is in hand, and by deciding on our kitchen, we have set in motion the task of furnishing our new interior. This now has to extend to the hall and stairs decoration and also the livery for our bathrooms; not to mention the lounge and dining room furniture. It will be most absorbing making house decisions in the company of the builders and, although my office is now sorted again, it is difficult to get down to paper work with so much good weather and activity about.