February 1992

A windy and wet start to the month turning milder later to end a dark and chilly winter and even a minor earthquake to add to the mix.  I had my nose operation, recovered from it, and Della was fine and running around with a limp, but Di had some stomach pains and screening tests. Her mother was also quite il with a bad cold.

Daniel had been visiting with Angela and the two were most welcome, as I laid plans for another Disneyland holiday to France. I gave up on Freda and just gave her more money for alterations but drew the line there. For my own part, I had my successful nose operation but the recovery and convalescence was difficult and took time until I was fit enough to first work at home, needing rest often.

I then spent time planning the reorganisation of the electrics on Paxton Princess before cruising it back to Heronshaw from Barnes in Wroxham. I was also planning the rebuilding and development of my Heronshaw plot in Horning, eventually rejecting expensive architect and inflexible local builder options and opting for a self-design and build option with the help of Steven Bloom.

After having continued problems with former colleague Michal Pope and in the aftermath of the St Neots Town Council rows, and with lots of other demands upon my time, I decided to stand down from political activity after the following May and retire from my Councillor and Group Leader role. I still worked on LibDem matters in the meantime holding the Tories to task on the HDC and editing Focus newsletters. An I.R.A. bomb explosion at London Bridge Station one evening with more than twenty hurt and several kept in hospital overnight.

There was more bad news for the government with unemployment and mortgage repossessions both at record levels. At least the inflation figures showed a fall from 4.6% to 4.1%, but this was accompanied by yet more news of job losses and economic contraction. The proprietor of Barlows Clowes was jailed for fraud as the Thatcher deregulation of the City caused another blow. Together with the US heavyweight boxer/rapist and it seems that both will get around 10 years in prison.

Paddy Ashdown seems to be surviving the revelations about his having had an affair with a former secretary and the latest polls even showed the Liberal Democrats up 2%!There was a BBC TV documentary with Diana on the life and work of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II after cameras had followed her around for the last year.and news about HM The Queen’s visit to Australia

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