Saturday 30th September 1989

A very early start on a chillier morning with a mist of rain in the air as Di had to take Debbie to join two other riders for a four-hour hack and I drove around visiting all my deliverers with the new Focus newsletters. Then to Sandy, witnessing a scary car Reliant Robin accident on the way and assisting the rescue of a heavily pregnant lady before driving off to see my Dad again at Addenbrookes.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has called for people to recognise the Pope ‘as the universal church leader’ in the interests of church unity and Labour are ahead in three opinion polls undertaken in the 50 Conservative marginal seats.

I was up very early on a chillier morning with a mist of rain in the air as Di had to take Debbie to horse riding in order that the two other girls would not leave without her on a hack and she had a four-hour hack with them. I fed the fish, doves and back flushed the fishpond – which is made much easier now that I have plumbed in the outlet hoses. Then I packed up the leaflet rounds and drove around visiting all of my deliverers, getting rid of the last of them by 11:30am.

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Friday 29th September 1989

The weather being fine and sunny but cool at night, I did some maintenance work outside on my Rolls Royce and the pool sand filter connections after preparing Di to complete some financial transactions in Bedford and before driving over to Cambridge and visiting my Dad. Some hope for him as another surgeon, Mr Lambertini, in Mr Campbell’s absence on holiday was willing to consider an operation and plans a brain scan on Monday and I discussed this development in long calls with Freda and Mum. I used the visit to collect a batch of Focus newsletters and printed off some recycling posters for distribution afterwards before another late night.

The stock market is stabilising after heavy intervention on the foreign exchanges, the electricity privatisation is postponed for up to 6 months and 400 police have raided Broadwater Farm, Tottenham, looking for drugs in what was virtually a paramilitary operation. The ambulance officers have joined their men in implementing an overtime ban and calling for binding arbitration.

Another full day, fine and sunny day but cool at night, which started with me trying to get some financial transactions organised for Di to complete in Bedford. Then I went outside and did some maintenance work; I secured the stand my bicycle, now that I found the right size allen key, then took the masking tape and paper off of my spare Rolls-Royce wheel and, once the new paint hardens, I can put it on the car and get the slow puncture fixed that allows another tyre to slowly deflate.

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Thursday 28th September 1989

A cooler long and busy day but still fine and good for outside work as I spent time on my Rolls-Royce spare wheel and then my pond filters before some chores in St Ives after which I drove on to Addenbrookes and my Dad, taking back his laundry and lending him a large book on Koi carp. He seems a little worse every day and now his neck is swelling, and Diana asked me the question ‘Why?’ today and I tried to answer in many ways.

A rush home to my meeting of the Southern Area Committee of the District Council and The Local Plan was in pride of place on the agenda. Home soon after 9pm and the next hour returning phone calls and trying to get the St Neots Museum Committee organised for next week’s meeting. The news today is of a near 40% drop on the stock exchange triggered by the falling pound despite Bank of England support.

A long and busy day today which started this morning with me taping my spare Rolls-Royce wheel with masking tape and applying several layers of grey primer by aerosol paint spray. Then out to buy a new drain cover and pipes and to hire a drill bit from Cosy Corner Tool Hire to make a hole in the pool boiler room wall. I had the task of piping in the ‘black flush’ outlets of our two sand filters and I had assembled them into position by early afternoon even though they were not cemented together.

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Wednesday 27th September 1989

I was up smartly this morning, despite being tired, and out to Huntingdon in the Range Rover having packed the two folding bikes in the back. Parking in Godmanchester, we then cycled into Huntingdon, where I visited Honeybuns solicitors to examine the Cow Lane Meadows deeds which were not satisfactory.

Back home to host a book illustrator for a meeting before over to Addenbrookes with Di and the girls to find Dad looking even more tired than yesterday but pleased to have Della on his lap looking at photographs and to receive his slippers and some grapes.

The pound sterling suffers today despite Bank of England support, the Royal Navy is sending logistical support to help fight Colombian drug barons and the European commission adopts a workers charter despite Thatcher’s opposition

I was tired again this morning and pledged to get to bed earlier tonight. I was up smartly, however, to do all of the chores in Pete’s absence and got around the conservatory and the doves. Before long, it was time for us to leave. Diana and I had planned a trip to Huntingdon this morning and we packed the two folding bikes in the back of the Range Rover and set off. We parked in the former Godmanchester lorry park and pedalled across the bridge into Huntingdon.

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