Friday 8th March 1991

A meal with Nigel and Lynne at "The Racehorse" in Catworth after a tiring and busy day working on Council and campaign matters, sharing the place with the successful local football club fund-raising event

I was understandably very tired this morning and regretting, to a certain extent, going to last night's event. I was up and dressed a little slowly and to my office even slower still. The morning was disrupted by the need to go and see an old lady in Lakefield Close about a neighbourly noise problem and I did this. I had to get back home by later in the morning to receive Sally and Michael, who had come to type in some copy for FOCUS and they used my portable computer whilst I carried on with some other work on the MAC. They stayed until lunch and then I carried on working on my own in the afternoon. Achieved some success, but there was much work to do and I was tired and concerned about the coming weekend deadline with my plan being to have draft copy to show a meeting of candidates on Saturday morning.

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Thursday 7th March 1991

Another slow start to the day after a late night before a morning tending to my domestic chores and being interviewed by a journalist and then time catching up on this journal. This evening, a black-tie ‘Sportsman’s St Neots Charity Dinner at The Priory Centre which was too chauvinist and right-wing for me but I was pleased once home to see that the Tories had lost The Ribble Valley to the LibDems by a large margin. This will bury The Poll Tax for good

Another rather in-effective day as I started quite slowly and was then distracted for most of the morning. Had breakfast in my dressing gown to be with the family for the meal and then slowly showered and dressed. By the time I had fed the fish and done my chores, it was time for morning coffee. I returned a call to a freelance journalist and that took about an hour as he quizzed me on everything we were doing and wanted to know as much as possible about John Major. I then found that the last few pages of my electronic diary were missing which meant more time spent, before and after lunch, getting up to date.

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Wednesday 6th March 1991

After a slow start, the morning with political colleagues writing copy for their elections, the afternoon completing chores and posting letters in St Neots and then the evening at Buckden Towers giving a LHS talk on Little Paxton. It is going to take a very long time to restore normality in Kuwait and my party is looking good in the Ribble Valley by-election

Today was a bit like the "morning-after-the-night-before". I was still very tired and, even though I went to bed early last night, I did not sleep very well. Michael and Sally came round this morning and typed in some of their copy for the forthcoming election, whilst I carried on working on my financial affairs. These had been taking a back seat during my production of the FOCUS. I sorted out which document to send to whom after my recent share transactions and just about completed all of my tax planning ahead of the end of the financial year. I worked all afternoon on this and then went out to St Neots to post my letters, deliver others by hand, and get some more stamps and money whilst I was there. I collected Della from the house of a friend on the way back home to save Di the trouble and then had tea.

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Tuesday 5th March 1991

A busy day accommodating alterations to our FOCUS newsletter editions at the suggestion of my LibDem colleagues and then accompanying Diana on a trip to Cambridge to meet up with her parents at Eadon Lilly’s but also to drop off the copy to Glisson Road for printing. I bought a new cordless/answering machine telephone whilst there and reorganised my office upon my return, giving the St Neots Museum Committee meeting a miss.

I joined Diana on a trip to Cambridge this morning after a hectic start to the day. I had everyone calling me between 7.00am and 8.00am with their suggestions and alterations to our newsletter. My idea for the morning was to do a few chores at the same time as our visit such as collecting my dress suite for the dinner on Thursday and dropping off the completed and amended FOCUS artwork for the task of getting it printed. We delivered the material first but were still in time to meet up with Diana's parents for morning coffee at Eadon Lilley's.

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