Tuesday 22nd August 1989

As Diana drove to Cambridge for some shoe shopping with friends children, I prepared to get our investments onto an Excel spreadsheet and also kept an eye on the garden and Koi carp. News is of the aftermath of the Marchioness Thames pleasure boat sinking and of a scare about microwave ovens and bacterial risk

I had another poor night, with the room temperature defeating my attempts to get to sleep until I took my pyjama jacket off in the early hours. We had an early call, as Diana had planned a trip to Cambridge with a friend’s children and wanted an early start. They got to Cambridge early for their trip around the city on an open topped bus but were delayed for an hour in the shoe shop where a long queue of school shoe purchasers were holding things up.

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Monday 21st August 1989

After a hot and uncomfortable night, another warm and sunny day spending the morning on my press cuttings and then the afternoon on my administration and financial affairs. Debbie was horse-riding this morning and Daniel working on his speedboat before doing his chemistry schoolwork this evening.

In the aftermath of the Thames pleasure boat sinking, the death toll has reached 265 suspected and another ecological disaster takes place with a massive oil spill at a Mersey oil terminal.

I was hot and bothered last night, when we could only suffer from the temperature and stillness of the air. I went to bed with a headache and hoped that would ease but I had to get up again in the early hours and take a couple of pain-killing tablets. This morning, I worked at sticking in the last six weeks of press cuttings into my little and and personal scrapbooks.

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Sunday 20th August 1989

Our swimming pool was a blessing later on a very hot and sunny day but I did my chores this morning, cut the games lawn and then helped move Daniel’s speedboat and dinghy before insisting that he cleaned the Range Rover. Later with Debbie to the riding stables to get her started after some time away from Sundance and then a short cruise on The Lady for all this afternoon before the swimming pool and an outside barbecue.

The tragedy of a Thames passenger Marshioness boat sinking in collision with a dredger today with many passengers lost

A very hot and sunny day. Even in the shade and with the breeze, the air became hotter as the day went on and we were only saved by the use of our swimming pool. This meant a slow start to the day as we let the children lay in with Daniel was the last up after his week of little sleep on the narrow boating holiday.

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Saturday 19th August 1989

We were welcoming our children back from their adventure holidays today by firstly visiting Billing Aquadrome and collecting Debbie and her friend Helen whilst visiting the Koi Carp Society show there.  Then collecting Daniel and his friend Steve from Kimbolton later.

The new Solidarity Prime Minister is announced in Poland today and the anti-Thatcher strikes are now affecting British Airways

Today was the day we were expecting our children back from adventure holidays. We were awake a little early and I had to rush around to do the chores before we could set off for Billing Aquadrome. It was also the day of the Koi Carp Society show there and so we had decided to drop in at the same time.

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