Tuesday 21st June 1988

Working on my Little Paxton history of windmills and watermills chapter, combining them all together, on a close and muggy day, as I also watched England lose the test match against the West Indies on TV and then making a big contribution to the environmental services committee meeting this evening much to the annoyance of chairman Councillor Mrs Beddows but to good effect. The BBC can now report on government secrecy, the EC rules that VAT applies to commercial property and the TUC and EETPU are falling out over non-strike agreements.

A good day working on the Samuel Jones documentation archives and witnessing the closing overs in the England vs West Indies test match on TV. Despite the best efforts of our tail-end batsmen, the endeavour came far too late and we lost by 160 runs. Lunch of salad and then this afternoon updating my history chapter on Riversfield and the Paper Mill. I have decided to widen it to include the corn, water and windmills all together. This evening was my first Environmental Services Committee at Pathfinder House and I got there in reasonable time and made an active (some would say a dominant) input to the meetings deliberations. I spoke out against the plans of NIREX for nuclear waste disposal, supported the continued existence of Papworth in-situ, rather than have it moved, pleaded the case of paid collection by the council of garden waste (which they supported), voiced concern over the sewage and road agency programmes and generally chirped up at every opportunity. Chairman Cllr Mrs Beddows was a bit grumpy with me, but the meeting was successful and still ended by 9.30pm.

Monday 20th June 1988

A warm and muggy day at home preparing the council committee meetings and progressing my local history project before an evening meeting of Priory Doom where I called for unity in preserving Priory Park as the natural barrier between St Neots and Little Paxton

A morning and afternoon shared between working in my office and watching the televised cricket. England were gradually bowling themselves into a losing position and the position was quite hopeless by the end of the day. For my work, I continued to prepare for my Council Committee meetings, getting information from Marion Woodbridge on Papworth and Mike Pope on Cambs County transportation issues. I was also getting slowly back to my local history project, with particular emphasis on copying the relevant sections of the Samuel Jones files, before Ken Gambier headed off for his retirement. This evening, I attended the committee meeting of Priory Doom and commented on my suggestion that trees be planted along Mill Lane to mark the end of the new housing zone; and I also tried to persuade them that they should share logos with the present DOOM to draw upon mutual support and recognition. Arrived home quite late on a warm and sunny day, with the air very muggy

Sunday 19th June 1988

Father’s Day – A nice morning with the children who brought Father’s Day cards and presents and then the morning valeting my Range Rover and Rolls-Royce, in the afternoon attending to my games lawn and dovecote before time to cool off in my swimming pool with the girls before an evening working on my Little Paxton Paper Mill history. Thatcher is her normal bullish self at the economic summit eve and criticising soccer hooligans as  hippies gather in vain to celebrate the summer solstice at Stonehenge for they are moved on.

Woke up Diana in the middle of the night for once and then slept soundly until woken by the morning sun and the girls venturing in. Di made my morning tea and then I sat in bed and opened my Father’s Day cards and presents from the children. Daniel bought me a print of a couple of birds, which may be Ibis. Della bought me two chamois leathers (courtesy of Diana!). Debbie had made me a paper weight by decorating a stone and I preferred to call it a ‘pet rock’. Just shaved and rinsed before a nice fried breakfast. I weighed in at only 13stone 1/2lbs this morning. This morning, I vacuumed the Range Rover and Rolls Royce, swept the road and then managed to sponge the Rolls over and leather it clean before lunch. A nice lunch of roast chicken that Diana had spent most of the morning cooking and then I had to return to shampoo, hose and leather the Range Rover clean. By now it was very hot in the sun, making car cleaning both exhausting and difficult. I took my rests today by sitting in the shade on one of my steamer chairs, relaxing and watching the river scene.

Saturday 18th June 1988

A trip on a fine sunny and dry day to St Ives this morning for a switch panel for Daniel’s boat and some correct sized paper for writing this journal and then, after an appalling meal at the Little Paxton Little Chef I set off for a walk around the village to speak to some local constituents about grass cutting and potholes in particular. Home to receive a posse of young girls wanting somewhere to gather away from people’s houses and then this evening preparing notes for my Environmental Services Committee. Today, an assassination attempt on the Turkish Prime Minister and, in southern Spain, terrorists tried to plant a bomb at the naval base but both plots were foiled

We slept well enough and had a good lay in. After breakfast, we fed the birds and secured the house and then set off for St Ives. Daniel wanted a switch panel for his boat and I was hoping to find the right paper for my journal – instead, all I could find was some ring-bound quarto pad! We drove back to the Little Paxton Little Chef after, but the service was appalling there, due to few staff and them being inexperienced anyway. It upset us quite a lot. After, I was dropped off home and I had a couple of calls on my answering system and so set off for a walk around the village to see people. I saw a Mr Smith of Park Close, over an abandoned Cambs County Council verge outside his home and advised him to adopt it and plant shrubs like a neighbour of his! I walked on towards Mrs Bunnage and met Mr & Mrs Martin Mawer, who were also out looking at grass patches! It seems everyone is discontent over the situation and I upset the Parish Clerk with my demands the other evening.