Tuesday 21st February 1989

A better night and start on another cool but sunny day, working on my Paper Mill section until taking Debbie for her horse-riding session and then attending a Priory Doom Meeting as Michael Pope could not. My Ohgon is looking poorer by the day. Labour opposition sponsored a debate in the Commons today, criticising the government for not protecting the health of the public, Iran retaliate against the European 17 who have reduced diplomatic representation and the ‘Mandela Bodyguards’ have been charged with murder.

It was not such a bad night and I started the day quite well. After breakfast, on another cool but sunny day, I spent the morning in my office working on the layout of my Paper Mill section but was struggling to finish this chapter as I intended. After lunch, I worked on but by 3pm it was time to go and pick Debbie up and take her to her horse riding. The dreamer forgot all about it and was in the school bus queue when I hooked out! She had an hour’s group session with some younger girls as Fiona’s daughter was supposedly ill. I got home for an hour or two but then had to set off to a Priory doom meeting as Michael could not go. I arranged for him to organise a public meeting in April which will further help him in his campaign. I was home latish to bed at a reasonable time. The conservatory decorator came this morning and completed the task of doing the posts. My Ohgon is looking poorer by the day. He is right eye is swollen like a balloon and I fear for him.

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Monday 20th February 1989

After a slow start, because of suffering from a cold, I worked all day on correspondence and then started my chapter on The Mills of Paxton after tea. Debbie was out on an accompanied road hack this morning, Daniel watched videos and then did his homework and the Frost’s re-worked the support posts. Britain and the EEC are recalling their diplomats from Iran over Ayatollah Khomeini’s incitement to kill Salman Rushdie, an IRA bomb exploded overnight at the headquarters building of the 2nd Para Regiment in Shropshire, the government suffered a defeat in the House of Lords over compulsory ID cards for football supporters and Britain’s prisons have been condemned by report as being the most unsanitary in Europe

I had a slow start to the morning as, in common with most of the family, I had been suffering from a cold as a disability. I had breakfast and then worked in my office all morning and afternoon on both Council and personal correspondence, taking up causes that were pressing me seriously as a consequence of spending more time on my history. I had finished most of these by teatime and thereafter started my chapter on The Mills of Paxton which, thankfully, was already written and just needed re-formatting. Debbie went horse riding this morning and a kind lady at the stables accompanied her for a road hack on her horse.

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Sunday 19th February 1989

A little lay in on a milder morning, where Daniel and Gary spent most of the day working on his boat. I spent entire day working on my history typesetting, punctuated by rests to tend my fish and plants, giving my improving Ohgon another salt bath and the pond a partial water change, even though the nitrite and ammonia levels are fine despite the high level of feeding. The diplomatic row with Iran will continue now that the Ayatollah Khomeini has said that the author Salman Rushdie cannot be forgiven, despite his apology. Neil Kinnock attacks the Thatcher government’s handling of electricity and water privatisation and failing to improve drinking water standards

I had a little lay in this morning, but still had time to feed my carp before Diana had finished frying a nice breakfast. The entire day working on my history typesetting, punctuated by rests to tend my fish and plants at regular intervals. The Ohgon is still poorly. I gave him another salt bath this morning and he may be a bit better as at least he came up for a couple of food pellets. I also gave the pond a partial water change and tested the nitrite and ammonia levels which are fine despite the high level of feeding I am giving them.

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Saturday 18th February 1989

I was busy taking Debbie twice to her riding stables to ride and tend Sundance and then for her swimming in-between, whilst also treating my Ohgon Koi with a salt bath as I had been advised to do. I watched England win her rugby union match and then returned to my book, laying out my newly-edited Paxton Park chapter. Salman Rushdie is still threatened despite his apology, Afghanistan is in a state of emergency after the Russian withdrawal, and Winnie Mandela, in South Africa, has agreed to disband her ‘bodyguards’ who are suspected of the factional murder of political opponents

An earlier nigh but not a very early one. This morning I took Debbie to her horse-riding stables (twice each side of a swimming lesson in St Neots) and then left her there for the rest of the day. She went out for a hack and spent the rest of the time grooming, feeding and looking after Sundance and seemed quite happy at the experience. Between times, I gave the Ohgon Koi a salt bath (2 ounces per gallon, 12 gallons), which the fish doctor advises to combat his latest problems. This afternoon, I watched a little rugby; seeing with satisfaction England beat Northern Ireland at the Irish ground. I was back to my history tonight (having also spent some time this morning preparing) and I laid out the first half of my Paxton Park chapter.

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