Saturday 31st October 1992

Shopping and time with the family, taking them to Bedford and the Pizza Hut for lunch before the afternoon in the multi-screen cinema. Back to set some new mole traps and then tea with the family in the lounge and then some paperwork in my office.

It was sunny and fine today but had become frosty and cold again this evening and was glad I had put anti-freeze in the Reliant

I was first hot and then cold in bed as the night progressed and did not get a very good night's sleep. I then got up and made drinks for both Diana and before re-joining her in bed for both refreshment and entertainment. Up with the children for breakfast and then I decided to take them all out for the day. We went for a morning break and then shopping in St Neots whilst I attended to some building society transactions. I then took them all to Bedford where we went to Pizza Hut for lunch and then on to the multi-screen cinema. The attraction of these places is that the girls can go and see a "U" or "PG" class film in one room whilst we can see adult films next door which keeps everybody happy.

Friday 30th October 1992

An active day working with Steve and Alan and I was pleased to get a visit from Daniel and Angela this afternoon and then a rest and bath.

This,  before the journey home arriving before bedtime and getting un-packed before relaxing in the lounge with Diana and my mail and the week's local newspapers.

It was cold again last night, and I was tired, only waking with my radio alarm at 7.00am and barely being ready for the start of work again half an hour later. A hurried breakfast and then went down to unlock "Harnser" and get everything under-way. I carried on cutting the architrave and the window sills and linings, getting Alan to carry on fixing them behind me and asking Steve to go and get the further supplies and materials that we wanted. He was not too keen on this running around and had to make a second trip to achieve all I wanted because of mistakes and impatience on the first one. He now knows the frustrations of getting supplies and the problems I had been having all summer, running around after a team of workers when wanting to get some work done myself.

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Thursday 29th October 1992

Another full working day with Alan and Steve cladding the remainder of the rear wall as I formed the architrave and skirting for the rest of the kitchen and then went up to the living area and did the skirting there.

In the Commons today, John Major announces that his vote next week will take on his Tory rebels in calling for support of Maastricht.

Another early morning as I was only just ready to join Alan when he arrived at 7.30am. Steve came much later at 8.30am after making the trip up from Sawtry again. I got Steve sanding and staining the cladding whilst Alan continued to help me with the fixing as I cut the door linings for the kitchen cupboards. Then, as the weather improved, Alan joined Steve to finish off preparing the cladding planks that they needed and then, after lunch, they started putting it up and, by dusk, had completed the remainder of the rear wall which looked very good. I cut and formed the architrave and skirting for the rest of the kitchen and then went up to the living area and did the skirting there.

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Wednesday 28th October 1992

Alan and I working together lining the store-room cupboard, hall and bathroom and then fitting the trim, architrave and skirting.

Some paperwork on my building accounts before my journal, a bath and then to bed. It stayed fine today, despite forecasts of rain, but it both started and ended cold as winter gets nearer.

There was just Alan and I working today, as Steve had an engagement elsewhere. I was up earlier than usual as there had been some talk of an early start to make best use of the daylight. I was working away when Alan arrived at 7.30am and we soon got down to work, lining the store-room cupboard and then fitting the trim, architrave and skirting. We then did a similar job on the hall before moving into the bathroom and fitting the side panels to the shower basin and bath.

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