August 1987

A generally wet month in which we still enjoyed the end of our Norfolk Boating holiday after a very full tour of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads but we had not managed in two attempts to get The Lady under Potter Heigham bridge but we visited the beach from several nearby venues and enjoyed the amusements and the sandy sea shores. We were sad to have to come back to find Hayling View alarm problems and to have to deal with a mountain of chores but we soon reverted to our normal activities and routine but both us and our family are well. The UK economy is suffering with a stock exchange crash, high unemployment from manufacturing decline and other economic woes, after the so called ‘Big Bang’ libertarian reforms. Thatcher is still resisting measures to deal with the carnage in South Africa despite the miners’ strike and ongoing worker deaths and a proper enquiry into the Spy catcher revelations, The Coastguards are those fearful of inner city deprivation are on the warpath, there are Notting Hill riots and firearms reforms are mooted after the Hungerford Massacre. The Gulf is a powder keg with tankers being damaged and oil flowing from damaged shore installtions, Mecca is in uproar, but the Arms Talks deadlocks might be solved by the German Pershing missile concession.  150 die in the Flight 255 Detroit air crash with just one passenger surviving

And so we see the end of August, a month in which we have had twice the seasonal average of rain and even more so in East Anglia, which has seen flooding and gross damage to cereal crops. This completes a very wet and unsettled summer but we completed our Norfolk holiday and enjoyed it immensely, even though the weather was disappointing. There was so much to do that the girls were very content and were loathe to come home. The alarm was the only problem, but we are putting that behind us now. Such a contrast, however, in terms of the boat traffic and water quality, which shows us how lucky we are with our home river.