Monday 28th September 2020

A brighter and drier day which enabled me to finish replacing the shed roof, trim the climbing wisteria away from the windows and deliver 25 bags of logs to a customer in Trimingham. I returned with the trailer to chip the branches in my moorings and return home with a trailerful to build up my roadside verge in Ropes Hill Dyke. Lockdown restrictions in north-east England are to be tightened as mixing between households in any indoor setting, such as pubs and restaurants, will be against the law.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, asked whether Mr Trump owed money to foreign interests. Olivia Troye, who served as Vice President Mike Pence's homeland security adviser, described her time in the White House as "terrifying" and says the president "could have saved lives" with a better response to the coronavirus pandemic

Another earlier start to the day, as I got up, wrote my journal, and updated my financial accounts and reconciliations before serving Kathleen her morning tea. I then shaved, got dressed, and started work outside, completing the re-roofing of the she, trimming the Wisteria that had been covering he sun lounge windows before driving across to my moorings. I then unloaded the Timberwolf from the trailer, hitched it onto the Range Rover in time to take Kathleen to her appointment with Lucy in Wroxham at 11am. After dropping her off, I drove on to Blackrow plantation, where I initially spent time attending the chickens, collecting eggs and replenishing their food and water before I then loaded 25 bags of logs onto the trailer and added half-dozen more to replenish the log display with interest, four having been sold overnight. It was a long journey to Trimingham, very close to the Norfolk coast, made more difficult by the lack of navigational facilities in my Range Rover these days. I was using my Blackberry Priv phone for that purpose, but the battery was discharging and only just lasted log enough.

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Sunday 27th September 2020

Another visit to Blackrow on a windy, damp and chilly day to re-stock and empty log display, check on the chickens and collect some things that Kathleen needed for her cooking. Later to host Gordon to watch Norwich City narrowly lose their championship match to Bournemouth and then to complete most of the repairs to our shed roof before watching a film with Kathleen, typing my journal and to bed.

Shadow justice secretary David Lammy has said that the introduction of a 10pm curfew for pubs in England has led to people "hanging around towns and potentially spreading the virus", The culture secretary has defended students going back to university in England after a union labelled the situation "shambolic" after thousands of students had to isolate in their accommodation

An earlier start to the day, for a change, as I woke up naturally soon after 7am and worked on my journal and administration until Kathleen roused an hour and a half later. By that time, I had completed my investigation of how to connect my laptop computer to the television so as to be able to welcome Gordon to join me for the football later. I then boiled four of our chickens’ eggs for breakfast and we enjoyed them with toasted fingers. Kathleen was worried about the chickens being left without attention and so we opted to drive to Blackrow to check on them and this meant that she could also collect some cooking ingredients and other items that she needed. It was just as well that we did, as the log display was empty, after all 12 bags had been bought and almost the correct money had been left. This level of sales, when added to two orders for the delivery each of 25 bags, means that I have to get back to splitting and bagging soon so as to keep ahead of demand.

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