Saturday 31st March 1984

Starting Family London Weekend reviewing the Kode Offer and then setting off for a journey down memory lane, arriving at Swiss Cottage and visiting London Zoo, before back for Diana and Debbie to watch a hotel film, Aladdin, whilst Daniel watched Jaws III and then Diana and I off to The Mayfair Theatre to see ‘The Business of Murder’ as the children were supervised and entertained themselves.

I slept well but Diana was awake thinking excitedly about our weekend in London. I lay in to read the papers and evaluate the Kode offer. Looking at the stock exchange listings, and assuming Comart can net £400K after tax, the company should be worth between £4M and £10M at p/c ratios from between 10 and 30 and so I must respond with a different counter offer. Eventually up washed and dressed until we leave the house at about 10.00am. Daniel has let the ducks out today and Marilyn has undertaken to look after them for the next two days. We set off via St Neots and I collect £100 from the bank for what could end up an expensive weekend.

Friday 30th March 2014

On a day of alternating rain and cold air, hosting a lunchtime celebratory drink for all Comart employees for a record month and hearing good news from Export IT as the train unions now back the NUM and will not allow the movement of coal by train

Up on time and, after drinking plenty of liquids and taking breakfast, early to the office in time to let in the employees who were waiting for access. A busy morning clearing my mail and in tray and finally to declare that the company would buy all employees a drink at The White Horse at lunchtime in view of our achievement of another record month. In fact sales will top over £800K for the first time.

Thursday 29th March 1984

Up early and to London to chair BMMG St Ermine’s Hotel Breakfast meeting and then on to the CCTA for Director meetings on BMMG LAN project and their procurement plans before some more family history research and to bed unwell as London demonstrations take place against the government’s GLC and Cruise Missile plans and six more unions support the NUM and refuse to transport or import coal

Up very early this morning and to catch the 6.57 train from St Neots to Kings Cross. On the journey I managed to read through my BMMG papers and CCTA report and prepare a brief; but the train was full as it reached London for such an early hour. By taxi to the St Ermine’s Hotel and there to chair a BMMG Breakfast Meeting of only 4 attendees. Then five minutes late to Riverwalk House and a meeting with Director Dr Paul Freeman, Contracts Manager Bill Holdsworth, Microsystems Manager Geoff Webb and a standards expert called David. A good meeting covering the new Directors Report on the CCTA then Standards and Microcomputer Procurement Policy.

Wednesday 28th March 1984

Good Byte Shop Review Meeting setting realistic budgets after magazine interview and before an evening watching Fame on TV and hearing of Yorkshire Mining pickets stopping motorway traffic and a one day London Transport stoppage over GLC abolition as Thatcher’s government stops EEC payments illegally

Early to the office and to sort out my papers and get ready for a busy day. Then to review the mail and attend an interview meeting with John Lamb and the E.C.Magazine – a European software journal. We range over the extent of our plans for French and German sales subsidiaries until it is time for the start of the Byte Shop Review and Budgeting Meeting. A good day with consistent Byte Shop sales achievements, good stock control and progress on the new budget year plans.