April 1985

A month of disappointingly cold, wet and wintry weather with a few better spells that reflected the degree of economic hardship, disputes, strikes, demonstrations and disruption caused by Thatcher’s adversarial policies at home and abroad but the family recover from nasty coughs, colds and flue and mother from her operation. Progress with the BMMG gaining members and influence and widening of my interests to include collecting silver, dove breeding as well as boating whilst I expand our property portfolio and diversify my investments. The picture abroad in South Africa and The Lebonon is also very depressing with repression the order of the day


And so ends another month. All rather depressing with the wintry start we have had to Spring where we saw even hail and snow as we were  trying to fight off the renewed bouts of colds and flu but the sun appeared on odd days as a relief.  My parents attempting their pilgramage today to Freda and Alf’s house in Halsworthy, Devon, and her progress after the heart operation has been a real bright spot. Daniel growing up and going through a really awkward phase of independence and argument. Debbie still as bright and lively as ever and the baby Della is going forward by leaps and bounds and my Mother recovers well from her Papworth operation and visits us and plans to visit Freda and family in Cornwall. The doves still incubating two eggs after their earlier casualty and all fingers are crossed for a successful outcome. My interests widening and I am quite taken now with the collection of antique silver to make up a heritage service and other items for fun. I successfully negotiate for 7 Willow Close, next door, and look to connect the two houses together.