June 1991

The summer was delayed by periods of cold and rain, washing out the Little Paxton School Fete and national cricket and tennis events. We still had successful and memorable birthday parties for Debbie and Della; who are growing up fast, doing well at school and even Daniel passed his UEA exams. We remembered my Mum on her birthday and my late Dad on Father’s Day and caught up with Di’s parents regularly on Tuesdays in Cambridge.

I had two trips to Heronshaw, working on the outbuildings and on Paxton Princess getting her in reasonable shape for the season. I had meetings with my architect and quantity surveyor agreeing plans for Heronshaw’s replacement, with the addition of a new boathouse and wet dock adjacent. After lots of work, and a setback over the hydraulics, Paxton Princess was fully prepared and, apart from cosmetics, was all ready to go cruising but, despite using used Wayplan to calculate passage plans round from Norfolk to Kings Lynn, I made the decision not to try to get the boat round to the Great Ouse this month as the weather was too unsettled.

Much work was done on my Range Rover, Rolls Royce and Reliant with all three now in working order. I had just a little time for my financial planning and organising my personal affairs and investments.

It was a full month of work as Local Organiser for the LibDems organising contributions to three councils and the parliamentary constituency whilst backing up publicity and electoral success with councillor briefings and Focus newsletter editing printing and circulation. This, whilst organising an unstoppable anti-smoking campaign backed up with TV, radio and newspaper interviews. I still found time to chair a joint meeting of the Parish Council, Village Hall Committee, and local residents on the subject of the proposed extensions to the village hall as a combined Parish Meeting, which was a tricky but ended up as a great success.

The national news was of the Tories falling still further behind in the opinion polls and the stock market was falling again. The national Tories ended up in all sorts of bother again with ex-Prime Ministers, Thatcher and Heath, falling out over Europe in a pretty big way. 

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