Saturday 28th February 1987

Working outside on my nest boxes after a late start on a milder day with the river high and coloured and then collecting Daniel to join the rest of the family for lunch at The Happy Eater. Home via Sandy and the RSPB HQ to review our nest boxes after my recent eaves protection and then an evening away from my work after enjoying my peeled prawns for tea

A late retirement to bed heralded a sound night’s sleep at least and Di had to wake me up this morning from a deep sleep. Lay there for too long and had to be turfed out again. Had completely missed the family for this meal and ate alone. Decided to go out to the garden, as it was a very mild morning. Got the ladders out, and after checking on the gutters, then started the process of servicing last winter’s nest boxes and putting up new ones.

Friday 27th February 1987

A rainy day after a poor night after an earlier bedtime and then to work on supervising Elm Leisure as Di took Della to Bedford and then we returned together later to watch ‘Crocodile Dundee’ as the US president’s Chief of Staff resigns over the ‘Arms for Iran’ scandal and yet another British Army Chinook crashes killing its passengers and crew


I had opted for quite an early bedtime, but I had a most restless night for my trouble. It was a bit milder, but I am sure that an active mind was the biggest trouble. Got up all right and joined the children at breakfast, but I immediately had to get Daniel to go back upstairs to let his bath water away from last night! A look at the mail after breakfast. Di and the girls started off early for Bedford and I tried to get down to work. I first read a number of computer journals, but then the Elm Leisure builders arrived and I sorted out the inner garage for them and was slightly unsettled after that. They erected the block wall today, but left the ceiling and will have to do that on another occasion.

Thursday 26th February 1987

The morning updating my manuscript with the content from my interviews yesterday and then over to Southoe to interview Mr Ramply and return his original Little Paxton Scrapbook together with a newly bound copy and then home to hear of Daniel’s best-ever school assessments. The Church of England votes to enable women to become priests and the SDP/Liberal Alliance candidate Rosie Barnes wins the Greenwich By-Election


Slept very soundly and had left the electric blanket on so that the bed was quite hot when I awoke. Put the light on and sat up in bed for a while, reading the Hunts Post, until the morning drink arrived. Washed and dressed and down in good time for breakfast of wheat flakes. Out to the doves first thing and the young one had worked its way down to the platform beneath the wall dovecote. I got out the ladder and popped it back into the nest box. Spent this morning in the office updating my manuscript with the new information gleaned from yesterday’s meeting with Mrs Davis and friend, then got on with the reconciliation of my bank accounts and payment of outstanding bills.

Wednesday 25th February 1987

A slow start on another cold and frosty, but dry, night before working on and then an afternoon meeting with Mrs Davies and her friend recording their memories of old Little Paxton and then supervising homework with Debbie and Daniel before a slightly better lesson for Debbie horse-riding as Whitehouse tapes reveal details of the Iran Arms sales, BBC radio escapes some possible dramatic changes and MPs see the Zircon programme and Greville Janner MP will release details of ex-Nazi war criminals living in Britain next week

To bed at a more reasonable time and glad of it. Slept soundly and then awoke to find Di still asleep in the morning. A little romp together and then let her get up to make the morning drinks. Was too tired to get up and dressed and Di had to turf me out as I lay there and she started to make the bed. Shaved and showered and surprised to find that I was no later than the rest of the family at breakfast, as they had been allowed to lay in! To my office this morning and first read last week’s local papers and then stuck the cuttings into the scrap book. Heard that Mrs Davis would prefer to meet me at her house in the afternoon and so worked on this morning, mounting my photographs in the rear pages of the scrap book as well, for easier viewing.