July 1989

A generally sunny, warm and dry month, but with the inevitable storms and floods coming later giving almost eclipse-like dark conditions.

Both of my parents are in pain with health worries, but the rest of us are fine as both Debbie and Della do well at school with Debbie also winning rosettes with her horse-riding.  We have really been enjoying our Norfolk holiday and have combined the vacation with the search for property and boats which all are now nearing fruition.

I decided to buy Heronshaw in Horning as a fine investment at the right price and we have now agreed a design of Norfolk boat to search for now that it seems like The Lady is doomed after failing to pass under Potter Heigham bridge.

All went well at home, with the house, history and local politics well attended to and with me officiating successfully as the VIP at The Little Paxton Hall Village fête.

Thatcher upset the House of Commons with her treatment of Sir Geoffrey Howe, and is besieged with Union Strikes and seems rattled by poor opinion poll forecasts with her Poll Tax and Water Privatisation plans winning her few friends.

Sir Laurence Olivier and Harry Worth have died, and a sympathetic jury let popular comedian, Ken Dodd, off on a tax evasion charge.

Air crash and extreme weather incidents world-wide kill over 100 people and Gorbachev tries to quell nationalism and ethnic violence in certain Soviet provinces, after Andrei Gromyko has died in his 70s.

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