November 1989

A cold and frosty month with some fog but also some sunny days too. I will always remember this month for the one when my father was dying, though his funeral was early the following one. We had celebrated his last birthday earlier, he had lots of visits once we had re-united him with Mum at Weald House Nursing Home and I organised their DHSS claims, clothes and brought belongings from their caravan and they were able to see their grandchildren and I was with him there right up to the end. Dad passed away at nearly 9am peacefully with Mum and I on a sunny day in Room 20 of Weald House after several foggy and damp ones. The loss was still immense if tempered by the time and opportunity I had to prepare for and then organise the most beautiful funeral you could ever imagine. The cards of notification brought numerous tributes, sympathisers flowers and donations and an attendance of more than 70 at St James’s church more than 60 at the cemetery and over 50 at the Hayling View for the Wake.

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