February 1989

A generally benign month of weather for February and the river was not often threatening our gardens but it had its moments.

Apart from Daniel and I getting the odd cold, the family are mostly well; Daniel enjoying computers and his boat with Gary, Debbie her new pony Sundance (sharing with neighbour Gemma and school friend Helen) and still seeing her neighbour Amy and both Debbie and Della were taking regular swimming lessons.

I forgot Diana’s card for Valentine’s Day and Debbie was jilted as well but we had Di’s parents for lunch to celebrate Charles Snr’s 72nd Birthday. I had trouble with my Koi Carp after stocking my new pond and feeding them too much before the biological filters had started working, with my poor Ohgon Koi carp the main victim; I strengthened my conservatory by Frosts adding support struts; I completed several more chapters in my Little Paxton History such that that I had finished 13 chapters with just four and the indexing section to go; and I had been busy making plans for the forth-coming elections as SLD Facilitator with campaigning and leafleting on planning and development matters.

The UK government was presiding over public health, safety and economic failures, whilst under attack from political critics and the violent IRA and now animal rights extremists. The political row between Iran and the UK/EU continues with mutual diplomatic expulsions over the Salman Rushdie affair.

The last Soviet troops leave Afghanistan as there is a state of emergency and a civil war seems likely and, in South Africa, the ‘Mandela Bodyguards’ have been charged with murder. More checks are proposed for Boeing airliners after another Boeing crashes into a mountain over the Azores, killing 1- 200 people.

A month of mixed weather; with very warm days at times, alternating with sunny days that were cold and wintry bitterly-cold days with sleet and snow. At times, severe storms raged in Scotland with heavy rain in Inverness where a rail bridge collapsed and properties in both Scotland and Northern Ireland damaged by 100 mph gales and the Great Ouse rose later in the month after a deluge overnight but stopped short of flooding our gardens.

I had a few days suffering from a bad cold when I was feeling shivery and heavily congested and I had to suffer a rather unpleasant trip to the dental hygienist. The family were mostly well; Daniel just with a cold for a couple of days and otherwise keen on computers and anticipating his birthday and car, Debbie managing her pony-riding (which was improving by the week) and Della continuing to get on well at school with no problems whatsoever. My father still awaits a hospital ear operation but my mother soldiers on. Daniel and his friends Gary stayed at each other’s houses, at Gary’s house in Cotton and then back at The Hayling View where Daniel and Gary spent most of the day working on his boat, but I did get him to clean the car. Della visited her friends Caroline’s house in Caxton. After recently acquiring her own pony, Debbie, her pony-sharer Gemma and her friend Helen were having lots of opportunities to ride and groom Sundance.

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