Friday 21st to Sunday 30th September 1990

Sadly, the journal entries for the last week of September 1990 were lost years ago due to a computer malfunction. During this time, I was busy as a District Councillor attending the Contract Services Committee and Southern Area Councillors meetings and sitting in on the Housing Committee.

I was also a participant in my party SLD Discussion Group, and leading the next effort to publish a region-wide FOCUS Liberal Democrat newsletter.  I was a grateful guest of Nigel and Lynne Smith for a dinner date and at fellow Independent Tory Councillor Ross McKay's housewarming as I tried to get him on our side.

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Thursday 20th September 1990

By train with Daniel to the much-expanded Southampton boat show as the film "Goodfellas", directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Robert De NiroJoe Pesci, and Ray Liotta, was released and was another very successful ‘mob’ film. Tracy Edwards and her 1990 Whitbread Round the World Race crew were 1990 boating heroes

Today was the day for Daniel and I to travel to the Southampton boat show we got up very early so as to get there at a reasonable time. I wanted to go down last night by car, but we opted to go by train this morning. Diana called us at 6am and we were showered and shaved in time to get to the station for the 7am train up I took a couple of months’ worth of overdue reading with me and worked my way through it as we journeyed to London, King’s Cross. This method of transport was convenience but also expensive costing £46 each for the return journey.

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Wednesday 19th December 1990

An early morning row with Daniel, on a wet and windy day, for not helping enough after which he agreed to tend the swimming pool and then the pool and heating engineers visited after which everything worked better. It was our cleaner Joan’s last morning working for us after some nine years of service which was a sad occasion. Helen Young, the village hall secretary, came round this morning and I helped with some correspondence after which I worked on my own. I took the family to the Kimbolton statute fair this evening.  It was cool and windy, but Della enjoyed herself and I managed to win a couple of prizes for her to take home.

Daniel is writing to a Kimbolton girl at the moment, the daughter of the school’s deputy head no less! The United Nations Security Council have agreed that an air blockade of Iraqi is necessary and Western women and children have been evacuated from Kuwait via Iraq.

I did not sleep particularly well last night, thinking of the village hall and all else that I had to do, and then I was tired when woken up this morning. I had a big argument at the breakfast table with Daniel, which continued upstairs afterwards, and this cleared the air. The whole family had been leaving lights on and cups upstairs and he had not be looking after the swimming pool properly and was refusing to do it at all for not being paid. He agreed to do it in the end, or I would have had to turn it off for the rest of the season. In fact, the swimming pool service man came this morning and replaced the filter top and the pressure gauge that were leaking and faulty, and so there was no reason why the pool could not now be more easily maintained.

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Tuesday 18th September 1990

Tending to inside tasks on a rainy day, a trip to Mr Osborne who lectured poor Di about her dental care, to St Neots for morning coffee and a haircut all before arriving at Grove House for my meeting with Ian and Margaret James, of On-Site Training, negotiating my investment. This evening, I had to chair a meeting of the Little Paxton village Hall committee and learn that many of their activists were leaving.

Winnie Mandela was arrested on charges of kidnap and assault over the treatment of ‘Stompie’ who had his throat cut by her bodyguards. The International Olympic Committee have selected Atlanta Georgia, USA for the 1996 Olympics, even though it would be the centenary for Athens and the games were held in the USA eight years ago; it seems that money rules everything these days 

I had a fairly busy day ahead of me and so I awoke on time and got down to breakfast, insisting that Daniel also wake up and come down too. It was raining this morning, in fact teaming down, which was very welcome as far as the garden was concerned, but prevented the decorators from starting on the house again. I tended to such tasks that did not need me to go outside and then updated my journal to yesterday before it was time to leave for a dental appointment. My departure was slightly delayed by the gas board who were here again to continue the work on the heating system. They do not exactly inspire confidence, but I resolved to put the system to rights. Diana insisted on taking the wheel for our car journey to Kimbolton and says that she is not comfortable with my driving anymore. I drive as I always have, but she thinks that my reaction times may not be what they once were!

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