Sunday 30th April 1989

After a nice breakfast, a survey of our poster boards found a number of them had been attacked again along Gordon Road and Mill Lane. Michael and I spent the next hour rectifying them and we also spoke to a community policeman. Then with the family to the St James’s Church family service, walking in the sunshine there and to the Little Chef in Southoe for lunch, recruiting more poster board sites in the way. I decided to let Des and Celia concentrate on Great Gransden for his personal vote whilst concentrating other helpers in Buckden Ward for Percy as the result seemed to be neck and neck

I slept well and was up early to my breakfast with the others. A nice fried one at that. Then out to survey the poster boards and found a number attacked again – this time along Gordon Road and Mill Lane. I called round to see Michael Pope and we spent the next hour to rectifying the displays together. We also spoke to the community policeman for Eynesbury – PC Doddle – who comes from Little Paxton and cycles there every day and we are further resolved to get a Little Paxton village bobby approved with the senior police management. Back home, changed, and off with Diana and the girls to the St James’s Church for the family service. We walked there, as the sun had come out in the day was quite pleasant. We walked and afterwards to the Little Chef on the Great North Road, but because it was close, we had to keep walking to the one at Southoe where we had a nice lunch.

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Saturday 29th April 1989

A day that started mild but quickly turned cold later, I advised Des Merrill to stay in his home village of Gransden with his sister Celia to canvass for personal support whilst I organised other helpers to join Percy to canvass the much larger Buckden village, personally helping him morning and afternoon. Michael has complained to the police over another bout of vandalism to our poster boards and he personally put many of them back up today. During a much colder evening, I worked at home on the swimming pool and then caught up with two days’ journal.

Another day canvassing. I have advised Des Merrill to stay in his home village, Gransden, with his sister, Celia, canvassing for personal support whilst Percy and other helpers canvass for the volume of votes in Buckden – the largest village in the ward. I help Percy morning and afternoon, and we had an encouraging result even though we met Percy’s opposing candidates and the local District Councillor both canvassing against us. I had first driven around this morning and found many of the Little Paxton poster boards down and missing again. I telephoned Michael who handled the police complaints and then put up as many as he could find. I had checked them late last night at 11.30pm and the damage was done after that. This evening, I cleared out our swimming pool and then fed the ducks and doves and carp before resting my legs and updating these last two days’ diary. Today started mild but then turned rapidly colder, but at least the rain stayed away.

Friday 28th April 1989

A very good days canvassing results in Southoe Percy but a very different experience for Des Merrill and Abbotsley where the Tories have been arm twisting their party members to put up posters and we found little support on a day where the Merrill’s family cat got run over.

Today was spent canvassing in Southoe which was a rewarding experience. The results were an improvement in my own election last year, which showed that all my hard work had been worthwhile. Even Thurleigh Close and Orchard Close were for us in majority, which was very different to before. This village will certainly help Percy Meyer in his County Ward as, apart from Great Gransden, it is presently the only one that is declaring for us (except for the good old Diddington that comes into the same bracket). This evening, I went out with Des Merrill to Abbotsley which was a very different experience. The Tories had been arm-twisting their party members and signs were up all over the place and, canvassing the farms, we did not find much support. A depressing day as the Merrill’s family cat got killed by a car this morning. I stayed late at Percy Meyer’s house and got the canvassing results analysed. For the first time, our statistics show Percy ahead according to the Richmond Formula, but we must be sceptical about the separation of the votes for Percy and Des. Still not as bad as we may have thought.

Thursday 27th April 1989

I was working to clear my desk in a very cold and drizzly day and then repairing my poster boards before and after a parish council leisure and amenity amenities meeting at the village hall. News today of a baby food blackmail scare where glass fragments and other foreign objects were placed in baby food to try to secure a £1 million ransom. Mass street protests in China calling for economic and democratic reform and back home doctors are still opposed the government’s health reforms but will not take collective action.

A very cold and drizzly day working at my desk to clear a whole lot of bill paying and paperwork. This evening, I checked our Little Paxton posters before going along to the Village Hall for a Parish Council Leisure and Amenities meeting. Certain of my posters had been torn off again and so I pasted new ones in their place. The meeting was appalling for lack of time management by the chairman and the reluctance of the parish clerk to get involved in pursuing matters outside the meeting. We ended up with one member leaving to attend another meeting and the remainder of the agenda being overshadowed as a result.

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