June 1992

This month started with my shooting and fishing trip to Scotland and ended with supervising the start of construction of my Harnser boatshed in Norfolk and included much activity in between.

Much of the month was spent in Norfolk preparing the groundworks, getting quotations for materials and borrowing a barge for moving them in, for I had decided to contract tradesmen and manage the work myself. Also organising services and a planning agreement.

Socially, our regular family visit to see Di’s parents in Cambridge, hosting Mum Grace and Della’s 8th birthday parties, as she did well in Art and School sports and started to ride a bicycle; a testament to her accident recovery. The Hayling View swimming pool was popular in the very hot weather that followed the thunderstorms early in the month.

The Maastricht EEC Treaty for closer European integration was causing problems and divisions for the UK and the Danes, the new leader of "Russia", Boris Yeltzin and US President Bush did an historic deal on nuclear arms reduction but peace-making in South Africa started to go wrong as the ANC and Zulus fall out and the white government troops start shooting demonstrators.

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