August 1985

Another wet and windy month did not stop us enjoying three holidays and of progress being made on The Hayling View house and gardens but Diana, Debbie and Della all suffered ill health although family life and investments and work were going well apart from Daniel’s mis-behaviour. My new video recorder followed it all. South Africa featured most in the news as apartheid was in its death throes but there were lots of other crashes and disaster, with the French leading the way on train crashes, The Japanese with a huge air crash and Manchester with its plane fire. Still and the Ira was still bombing but an intransigent Thatcher government was turning conflict into an art form interfering with the BBC, encouraging union breaking and persecuting miners such that there was not much good news nor historical lessons learnt on  this 40th anniversary of Hiroshima

And so ends another month. Summer is fading away and both July and August have been disappointingly wet, cool and windy, but we have managed three holidays: cruising on The Great Ouse on The Lady, a beach holiday in Mundesley and visiting Freda of which I enjoyed the boat and Norfolk ones the best when we took a walk down memory lane for me with visits to Horsey and Wroxham. We meet up with Sam and his new partner and visit them at their new house in Aylesham but hear poorer news of his ex-wife Celia who  has split up with her second husband. The riverside gardens are completed in their present phase and look beautiful after a lot of work and plant purchases. The established lawns, carefully planted shrubs and rose beds together with the laying of paving stone paths have combined the two front aspects into one, as well as giving an excellent vista to the river from the house and the house to the river. Much work needs to be done to the back gardens, where we begin to think of a new swimming pool and patio, and the land to the side of the riverside gardens could yet yield a games lawn and extended river frontage. There was plenty of scope for my video photography and I was amazed by how much better our modern JVC is compared with our Canon bought for £1400 a year ago