July 1984


A hot month but a very successful one for the birth of my our baby Daniella, at the same time as the sale of my company Comart when I also worked on The Lady and tending our laying ducks before starting on my independent industry role whilst Diana was ill and recovering as the miners’ strike and peace protests dominate domestic politics

This was a beautifully sunny month, but too hot for comfort in working until the weather broke much later. I had started it by writing up Comart and Byte Shop Review Meeting minutes as the Group Chairman and ended it as its outgoing Chairman by drafting all of the staff announcements, member and director’s meetings that were needed to complete the sale of the group. Kode PLC continued to present problems for the Comart sale right up to the last moment. Then there was the  hectic day of the 3rd July, when the deal was done to sell Comart and Diana gave birth to Della, our third child.