Wednesday 31st May 1989

After a better night, everybody by car to Norwich to look around the city, do some shopping as I spent time in the libraries researching the history of Horsey. An enjoyable walk around Wroxham with Di this evening. US President Bush leaves Germany for the UK and calls for an end to the Berlin wall as sterling and the FT index fall today. Barry McGuigan failed in his comeback fight tonight and he will now retire from boxing.

A better night sleep and we laid in a while before I got the breakfast. After this, I went shopping in Wroxham (Hoveton actually) and knocked up Gary and Daniel at the public moorings. We then all went by car for the day to Norwich to look around the city and do some shopping. I spent quite some time in the Reference Library, Local Studies Library and Record Office looking into the history of Horsey. I read the 1812 enclosure act which was all about drainage and allotment of rabbit warrens. It was all owned by one family at that time. Back to our accommodation at Wroxham and then, after Di got the tea and the girls to bed, I took her for a walk around the older section of Wroxham and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Tuesday 30th May 1989

After Daniel and Gary came across to join us for breakfast and to use our facilities, they also joined us for a day trip to Pleasurewood Hills American Theme Park, in Lowestoft, stopping off at a café in Hemsby for morning drinks. This evening I took a walk around Wroxham to look at Riverside properties and then, it is getting cooler, we watched TV in front of the fire. NATO allies agree a compromise on disarmament, the Conservatives are recriminating over Ted Heath’s attack on Thatcher as she suffers further economic bad news

I felt too hot last night, and we opened the window as a result, but this made Diana too chilly! We all got up in time for our breakfast for which Daniel and Gary cruised in and joined us to use our facilities. We decided to go to Pleasurewood Hills American Theme Park and the boys wanted to join us. First, we had to get some milk and bread back from the local shops to the fridge. A longish drive to this park, which is in Lowestoft, but we stopped off at a garden centre/café at Hemsby for morning drinks on the way. It was a cold day, though dry, and at least the rain stayed away. The kids enjoy the rides. Di took Della on the mini rides and I escorted Debbie for the scarier ones. Daniel and Gary went off together. We all met up at 3pm and then drove home.

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Monday 29th May 1989 – Spring Bank Holiday

After a better night’s sleep we went shopping in Wroxham and met The Bloom Family at Wroxham marina for coffee on their new Fairline boat. I then took the family for a day trip to Cromer eating lunch and then enjoying the beach. I played crazy golf with Debbie as Della played on the trampoline. Back home to Wroxham this evening, where Daniel ferried us over to the Bloom Family for a nice barbecue after which we took their boat to Wroxham Broad and back. NATO is still hopelessly split over arms reductions; Edward Heath attacks Thatcher over her European policy and Boris Yeltsin gets a politburo seat after all with Gorbachev’s encouragement

I slept quite well last night due to Diana tucking the duvet in my side of the bed and using other clothes to keep warm. I had a breakfast of French toast and then we got ready and went to do some more shopping in Wroxham. We met the Bloom Family over at Wroxham Marina we had coffee with them on their new Fairline boat. Then we went for a day trip to Cromer, eating lunch in the centre and then took to the beach. It was a fine day with some sunshine but a little chilly, but this did not put off the girls from paddling in the sea. I then had a round of crazy golf with Debbie as Della went on the trampoline. Then back home to Wroxham and, at 6pm, Daniel ferried us over to the Blooms Fairline where we had a nice barbecue at their invitation.

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Sunday 28th May 1989

After a rather uncomfortable night in our accommodation we each took a bath before Daniel and Gary joined us for breakfast after staying on the Little Lady. This morning, the boys took a boat trip and I drove the girls to Somerleyton Hall before we returned for a walk around Wroxham. Britain and Germany are at loggerheads over nuclear weapons policy and the Chinese protests in Peking are petering out

A rather uncomfortable night as the weather turned cool and Di kept pinching the informal duvet. I prefer the blankets and sheets of a traditional bed every time. Di woke up early (with a bit of encouragement) and I sat in bed and read my Koi carp encyclopaedia for a while. There was no shower and so we took turns to use a bath full of water (smallest first). Then a breakfast of cereal after which Daniel and Gary joined us from their boat in which they had slept overnight. This morning, the boys set off on a dual boat trip and I took us to Somerleyton to first go to Fritton Lake and then Somerleyton Hall.

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