Winter arrives as Diana falls pregnant and I work hard and manage the Comart Group and increasingly lead the computer industry as Missiles are installed at Greenham Common, the PLO’s Arafat fights on against the Syrians in the Lebanon and the Brinks Matt Gold Robbery and NGA printers dispute hits the headlines

This was a very busy and eventful month, in both company and personal terms. Within the family, Debbie started back at  rising fives, Daniel is now settling in and attending regular Saturday mornings at Kimbolton School but the main news was Diana falling pregnant with constant morning sickness and lack of appetite. I have to look after Daniel and Debbie somewhat due to Diana’s indisposition and spend some time playing with Daniel.

I continued special efforts this month to manage the affairs of Comart the company whilst also overviewing the Group activities at Xitan and all of the Byte shop subsidiaries around the UK as we have three stands at Compec 83 in Olympia as the major exhibitor and make our presence felt.  The formal company administration for group structure is complete and I compile an annual report without Auditor qualification. The emphasis is now on quality and service. We take on a PR consultant and get a much higher profile in National and computer press and take over the Vice chair of the CRA as well as retaining the chair of the BMMG. I am invited to meet all manner of government, political and industry figures as part of my continued plans to exert a leadership role which takes me to a PITCOM reception at the House of Lords amongst other things. I make progress in removing Charterhouse charges after their loan is repaid and start negotiating with UEH over removing their option to buy 25% of The Byte Shop which would give me a free hand on my Group’s future plans.

The national news stories were all about the Greenham Common missile deployments, the aftermath of the US invading Grenada as over 400 US casualties are admitted, Government cutbacks on spending, ignoring CBI calls for expansion. PLO leader Yasser Arafat fights on against the Syrians in Tripoli. In the UK the record-breaking Brinks Matt Gold robbery gets the headlines until huge industrial disputes with NGA printers and demonstration at Warrington rear their head later.