The day ploughing through mail and counselling my troubled Sales Director before off to a PITCOM AGM at The House of Commons in good company and reception afterwards at The House of Lords as the death toll from the UK blizzards rises to 8 people

In on time to the factory and concerned that more efforts had not been made to switch on the heating in the lower portakabins earlier to avoid the loss of efficiency first thing in the morning. To my office to attend to an in-tray of paperwork before the arrival of the normal Monday burgeoning post. In late afternoon, after checking with my colleagues, to London with John Lamb by fast car and to The House, Committee Room 10, for a PITCOM meeting – The AGM. Then a House of Lords reception in the Cholmondeley Room and the normal drinks and cocktail snacks. In attendance a good company of MP’s and IT notables including David Fairbairn, Donald Cooke, Doug Eyions, Alison Newell, Wilf Robinson, Tim Keen, Robin Bradbeer as well as myself and our hosts Ian Lloyd and Lord Trefgarton. Eventually to turn us out, us not being keen to watch the Lord’s debate on “The Prevention of Female Circumcision Bill!” A good chance tonight to promote a number of interests and causes.

To return home in time for the 10.00pm news which is full of the countries bad blizzards in Scotland and Northern England which brings the death toll to above 8 persons. This morning i held a meeting with David Fear to run over Rex White’s exit interview which then turned into a sad session with David recounting his personal problems and difficulty of considering a choice between job and family due to his remote location. The Rex White problem is discussed directly by me after lunch with Rex himself and diagnosis centres on David’s sales management performance and lack of training/direction. Also differences in pay structures between us and others who offer a higher salary and lower commission. A sad business altogether and one I will have to deal with amongst other priorities.