Telling Mum all about Brocket Hall

Day spent with my family and boat after an office visit to order my desk as I tell Mum all about my visit to Brocket Hall

I wake early but lay long, reading the paper, until a breakfast of boiled egg and fruit juice. A decision to nip into town to pay in my cheque and drop Diana off, follows a working session where I clear my desk of paperwork and see the wood for the trees. Then to return home for a morning’s view of the television, alternating the Test Match at Lords Cricket Ground with Wimbledon. Less luck today as Chris Broad is dismissed for a duck, although Botham has dismissed 8 West Indies for 108. Also at No 2 court Virginia Wade loses a thrilling match to a Swedish beauty and with that ends her revival of fortune. Then back to town to collect Diana, Daniel and Debbie and off to our Happy Eater ritual for lunch. Attended by a new waitress Katie T whose young charm and suspenders attract a certain interest.

Then home, via the resultant toilet visit, to more cricket and tennis before a splendid tea of prawns and strawberries. Mum phoned today, sounding in much better form, and we spoke of Brocket Hall of which I must get some brochures to show her.

This evening to start work on The Lady at long last, taking the plunge and removing some old varnish with a scraper. My neighbours were out on their boats on this fine evening and their daughters were helping to brighten things up. Eventually inside to my bedtime drink and late, after the news, to bed. A feeling tonight that the day had not achieved a great deal but my mind also preoccupied with the matters of the moment; I could hardly expect less.