The Blue Peter Sailing Dinghy shown later after being delivered today

A day of illness and sickness combined with torrential rain such that I was unable to supervise the arrival of my new Blue Peter sailing dinghy as the US inauguration had to be held inside the Capitol due to harsh cold weather. Labour leader Niel Kinnock accuses the government of frustrating NUM/NCB negotiations and Israel have to pull out of the Lebanon after their first ever defeat

An awful night. Awake from 3.00am onwards feeling shivery and sick, until eventually up to be actually sick at 5.00am. By the time Diana rises at 6.30am I am still feeling sick, achy and ill and so I got to spend the day in bed. I am only to drink water, but allow myself a gulp of tea and a biscuit or two as the day goes on. I spend the day almost prone due to a bad headache and stiff legs, but manage some reading. At tea I manage a little tomato soup and a slice of bread, but Di has to phone Nigel Smith to cancel our evening meeting. I get up in early evening and stagger around and then shave and bathe before changing into fresh pyjamas and watching the TV. Skipper Boats call after dark to deliver our new Blue Peter sailing dinghy and I apologise for not being able to help unload it. Daniel steps in and before long the dinghy and spares are on the lawn, the trailer by the house, and the rigging and sails inside.

Diana does her ironing, Daniel his homework, and I survive the evening feeling slightly better. News today of the Reagan inauguration and joint TUC/Labour Party meetings against the background of more miners returning to work. But by tonight hopes of major negotiations seem to have faded as Neil Kinnock accuses the government of preventing them. The US inauguration had to take place inside the Capitol and the parade had to be cancelled due to the very low temperatures and risk of exposure. Israel have begun to pull out of the Lebanon in what is described as their first defeat. Today, through the torrential rain and lack of feed, my doves were fluttering down and we had to put three of them, saturated, in the garage for the night. A brighter, milder day is forecast for tomorrow and I hope to be back in action again.