Sir Ralph Halpern’s successful shareholders’ support for his share scheme even though the tabloids were full of his exploits with the young model Fiona Wright

Struggling to combine the final editing and recording of my Little Paxton Scrap-book transcription with interviews with other elderly residents but still helped Daniel and Debbie with their homework. Lebanese kidnappers threaten to kill four of the US hostages, more details of illegal  payments for Guinness deal revealed, but the best story is of Sir Ralph Halpern’s successful shareholders’ support for his share scheme even though theb tabloids were full of his exploits with the young model Fiona Wright

To bed at the usual time on a cold night. Was first grateful for the warmth of my electric blanket, but then I felt uncomfortable during the night and ended up sleeping quite badly. This lead to a rather poor start to the day as well. The problem seems to be a conflict between the work still necessary in the aftermath of the transcription, and the other priorities of interviewing the ladies again and the rest of my paperwork, which has been building up on me. Late down to breakfast and poor Debbie was not feeling well. She has a tummy ache and a temperature and, although very poorly, she insists on going to school, as there are several things there that she does not want to miss. Once the children are both off, I settle into my office to first write up yesterday’s journal and then get my own Little Paxton scrap book up to date.

I had been keeping a number of cuttings since Christmas and going through this week’s and the last few weeks local newspapers, gave me quite a bit of relevant information. Worked on until lunch, where Di’s mum had come over to join us for a salad and then continued afterwards until it was complete. Then, with the extra ones Di had secured for me today, I filed the house details into another ring binder and see this as the start of a contemporary history source on 1980s architecture and status of Little Paxton. Time with Daniel and Debbie on their homework and then I sat in the lounge looking through my notes for the first time there in a long while. The news today is of the resignation of the BBC Director General, Alistair Milne, after a meeting with the Board of Governors. This follows attacks from the Tories over the impartiality of the corporation and attacks over the funding. There are unconfirmed reports that Terry Waite has been seen in East Lebanon, but the sightings are not conclusive evidence that he is safe and well. Kidnappers have just threatened to kill 4 US hostages if there is any American attack on Lebanon. It seems that two aircraft carriers are moving in position. A verdict of ‘death by misadventure’ has been recorded on Mr Lush, the man killed on Noel Edmund’s BBC stunt show. Stockbroker, Anthony Parnes, has admitted today receiving £3M+ for share compensation for Guinness, but claims the money was honestly earned. Opinion polls now put Labour and Conservatives level pegging at 38.5%, with the Alliance holding the balance at 20%. The Philippine mutiny has come to an end, as the last 100 soldiers give themselves up. Now attention will turn to a court marshal. Sir Ralph Halpern of Burtons has obtained shareholders support for an executive share scheme that will make him more personal millions, even despite having to admit the affairs publicly reported in the Sunday papers. His young friend Fiona Wright later boasted that they managed sex five times a night. Cartoons depicting ‘model girls and bananas’ were in evidence outside the meeting hall.