To Jordan’s Mill in Biggleswade, where Frost have built a nice conservatory

Meeting up with Frost about commissioning us a conservatory and an enjoyable visit to Jordon’s Mill in Biggleswade to see a fine example he had built for his in-laws and then back to meet a Little Paxton History student as we find that Debbie has suspected German Measles. Indian Troops fight a bloody end game against the Tamil rebels, serious concerns plague air traffic control and Thatcher infuriates the other Commonwealth Heads over South Africa as Bad US trade figures hit Wall Street today

A better night’s sleep, though I was still far too late going to bed. Awake with my sore throat and did not relish another day’s talking. Got showered and dressed in my sports jacket and trousers, but only came to the breakfast table well after the others had left. Read the FT for a while afterwards, but had to contend with a marauding Della, who seemed intent on my company. Had to feed the ducks and doves, as Pete was working elsewhere this morning and then it was time for us to go to Tempsford for a meeting with our favoured conservatory manufacturers. We found Frost & Co with some difficulty, but had a good morning looking at completed units and discussing technical design aspects. At Tempsford they had a simple demonstrator, but we drove to the Jordan’s Mill in Biggleswade, where Frost have built a nice example.

I now rely on Mr Frost to produce a design layout of pool, plants and amenity area and also to get some heating advice on the use of heat exchangers and control of humidity. We stopped at the Little Chef for lunch on the way back and then Di drove off to visit a friend with Della and I intended to spend the afternoon on my history. I heard, however, that Cosy Corner had got a 5 inch hole cutter in and went to get it (and a percussion drill). Within 2 hours I had cut the hole for Di’s tumble drier hose and fitted it as a surprise for her return home. Tonight I had Debbie McKensie (another Longsands student) round, who impressed me with her Little Paxton research. We will exchange information. Poor Debbie (ours) had the onset of what seems to be German Measles today. The news tonight is of the latest incident in a spate of armed murders. This time, two people are shot by a man at a factory, after the murderer had already battered his mother and sister to death. He had gone to the Alexander Workwear factory to try and abduct a former girlfriend. He was eventually arrested by two unarmed traffic policemen. This raises more questions as to the efficacy of the shotgun licensing laws. In Sri Lanka, the Indian troops are now in the Jaffna peninsula and fighting a bloody end-game to pacify the rebel Tamils. There were 3 separate warnings today from official and unofficial sources about the dangers of collision and crashes from airport congestion and traffic controller shortages and poor morale. Discussions at the Commonwealth Conference on South Africa today. Thatcher still a minority of one in opposition to sanctions and enjoying her splendid isolation. She even went so far as to advocate economic growth for South Africa, so that ‘the economic sanctions of others might actually render inconvenience as market forces come into play’, much to the annoyance of the black African nations. The Spycatcher book went on sale in Australia today and became an instant best seller, as the largest ever 1st edition production run came off the presses. The British Government won leave to appeal as well, but the courts will not stop publication in the meantime. Bad American trade figures hit Wall Street today, with the Dow Index falling by 90-odd points. The UK Stock Exchange also fell, but by less and the Government have successfully engineered a reasonable market for the BP offer for sale of the Government’s 50% share, for which details are announced tomorrow. A note from my Mother gave us the sad news today that Dad has had a recurrence of his kidney complaint, which is what I have been fearing with the hospital delays. A fine, bright, but cold day today – ideal conservatory weather!