Thatcher in better times

Groggily up to my family breakfast on a sunny and dry day after the late night and to scan the financial papers and they offer little guidance in these uncharted and troubled times but the laissez-faire approach of free-market Thatcherism may have had its day. Transcribing tapes until very late this evening as it seems that the Russians are trying to get some last-minute concessions in their arms deal with the US. More attacks on Gulf oil installations and Marconi are investigated for contract fraud.

Slept soundly, but not for nearly long enough after my late night. Groggily down to breakfast in my dressing gown, having no time to dress or shower, and had a small bowl of cereal with the others. Daniel off to school after, but by his face and manner, I judge that he is going to bed too late as well! Di took the girls off to the shops again and I read the days papers, before washing and dressing. The Investors Chronicle and weekend Financial Times offer copious of rather useless advice to investors on the week’s events. Pity that they have really no idea where the markets will end up. At least the climate of opinion is swinging back to the moderating influence of government into wider control of the economy and away from the laissez-faire policies of belief in unfettered markets, which has been the religion of the Thatcherite era.

Some time shaving, as I shampooed my hair as well, to try to freshen myself up. Dressed and out to feed the ducks and doves, before making myself a coffee. Time only, after, to write up yesterday’s journal and to chase up Colin Howard about getting back some of these photograph copies on Tuesday. Soon Di was home from another shopping trip with the girls, and I locked and alarmed the house, before we all set off in the Range Rover for lunch. Collected Daniel in St Neots and left the car there for a change and went to the Beefeater restaurant part of the Bridge Hotel. A pleasant meal, but the staff seemed tense. It seemed a bit anachronous, the welcome, ‘your waitress will be Mel, the soup today is chicken, have a nice meal’. Almost as if we had got to California already! Pity the arm rest of my carver chair was covered in a sticky mess! The girls are a problem at the table these days – far too exuberant and over confident, but by Happy Eater standards, they were quite well behaved. Straight home after and all 5 family members adopted opposite ends of the house for some peace:- Daniel in front of the stereo system, Debbie in her room, Della in the playroom, Di in the kitchen and me in my office. I spent the rest of the day, until 11.00pm at night, translating the remaining 2/3rds (90 mins) of the Garthwaite interview tapes, which was a tiring event, but had to be done. That still left me with the Hall interview to do! Debbie had her bus friend, Clare, round to play and for tea, who comes from Bydand Lane. Diana went to bed quite early, but, when I finished the tape, I put away everything safely and had my bedtime drink. More newsworthy rumblings over the East/West failure to agree on a summit, with the Americans trying their hardest to put on a brave face and remain optimistic. It seems the boot is on the other foot now, as a while ago the Russians were desperate for an agreement and Reagan’s team had always been uncooperative. Two more attacks on oil installations in the Gulf, which does little for world sentiment, and on the subject of commercial fraud, Marconi Space Communications and Defence divisions are investigated by detectives for evidence of contract frauds and over payments. Today was sunny and dry and the same forecast, with more cloud, is given for tomorrow. Not many crocodile tears for Lester Piggott, who was never popular in the racing community anyway.