Our old boat Utopia II

Whilst the children were at school, I took Debbie shopping in Bedford and bought a new bed-head a high chair/stool and some shower curtains but also looked at the latest hand-held video cameras. We stopped off at Barford to see our old boat Utopia II, now on its way to be lived in in Cambridge. Di and Della left for Cambridge to see her brother’s new baby as I worked on and supervised the children’s’ homework. More trouble for BT who is overcharging customers and in The Gulf between Iraq and Iran but Chad and Libya have agreed a ceasefire at the OAU’s behest.

A poorish night. First I was too hot and then too cold (!) as I adjusted the bed clothes. Slowly up, showered and dressed ready for breakfast. Di served hot croissants for a change. Debbie had two, leaving one for Daniel and the last, the first one she had ever had, for Daniella. Daniel and Debbie toddled off to school and the rest of us prepared to leave for Bedford. I left out the Hewlett’s wages before leaving, so that we could take our time getting back. Drove the Barford way to Bedford for a change and saw our old boat, Utopia II, moored up there. Parked in the multi-story car park and then took Di on a longish walk round the town to find somewhere nicer to have our coffee. We decided on Perrings, a traditional chain of furniture stores, that also has a comfortable and spacious coffee bar. It was to their advantage, as we had a look at the furniture and decided to buy a new bedhead and a high chair/stool whilst we were there. Time after to look at a few shops together and then we split up for a while. I went into Dixons and saw the new JVC automatic video camcorder, which is smaller and easier to use than my set.

Then I bought some draft exclusion tape from Gibbs & Dandy Gales and some new crystal rose pattern shower curtains to match our others. Rendezvoused at C&A store at 12.00 and tried having lunch there, which was very cheap and quite good. Di was dawdling at the shops again after and so I took Della in her pushchair back to the car and Di followed. We drove home via Great Barford again and had just stopped to see Utopia II and meet its owners, when it pulled away from the mooring and made a hash of passing through Barford bridge, before continuing up towards Bedford. It still had a cycle on the back and bears our name and port, as well as the sliding roof that I fitted on, and I think it is a Cambridge student or lecturer that is on his vacation. Home via Andersons butchers of Eaton Socon for a leg of lamb. I prepared afternoon drinks and we had them in the summerhouse, after clearing it up a bit. Della loved it. Then Di and Della left to pick up Debbie from the bus stop and go over to Cambridge to see Chris & Chas’s new baby, whilst I stayed behind and fitted draught excluder to my office, Daniel’s room and the playroom – in each case around the external French doors – and it seemed to work fine. Even though I had to readjust several of the door catches and security bolts, we managed to shut the doors afterwards. Daniel had helped me a little, as he was keen to draft proof his door. A salad tea for me and cheese rolls for Dan and soon the girls were home. I had a little trouble with Daniel again, who is reluctant to work hard at his homework and seems to want to phone and see Paul all the time. Debbie had another good day at school and was given maths and English homework for the weekend. She did not do very well at a tables test in maths and I will have to give her some more practice. Quite a busy evening with the children and Debbie is quite demanding now she is writing a journal, doing schoolwork and still needing recorder practice and bedtime stories! No sign of the rotovator today and it has now started to rain again and so our dry spell may be missed. News today is of Perez de Cuellar arriving in Tehran and his visit coincides with a day of mass Islamic demonstrations in memory of the Mecca deaths of pilgrims on July 31st. Meanwhile, Iraq bombed Korg Island oil terminal, yet again, at dawn today. Chad and Libya have agreed to halt hostilities after a call by the OAU. The imprisoned British football fans will be allowed visits by relatives whilst held on remand in Belgian jails, despite earlier fears to the contrary. British Telecom’s latest bad publicity is of overcharging the Bank of England by £1/4 million, amongst widespread claims of overcharging other clients. Even so, most customers get no itemised bills and so are not in a position to see if they are overcharged. The TUC ends in goodwill and unity and the focus now moves on to the Labour Party Conference for the political issues. In particular the introduction of a one member/one vote system for the Labour Party (excluding Union influence) is on the cards.